With winter quickly fading into the background, it’s hard not to get excited about the warmer and sunnier weather on the way. With blue skies overhead, it’s nearly impossible not to feel a renewed sense of energy and motivation. Even those with an affinity for the cold find it difficult to resist the beauty of spring!

With the changing season comes the need to refresh and renew our homes as well. Homeowners everywhere are starting to feel the need to dust, mop and air out the old to make way for the new in their residence. Spring cleaning is a staple activity as the leaves begin to turn green again, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the easiest task we face. While we tend to demand a lot from our kitchens in particular, sometimes spring cleaning seems like a daunting task with features like fridges and stoves involved.

Fortunately, if you face it with the right mind set, spring cleaning your kitchen doesn’t have to be bad at all. Here are a few routes to making it a quick and painless experience—giving you more time to get out and enjoy all the season is bringing in.

Start small and work your way up

Start with small things to get the momentum going. If you try to take on everything in your kitchen at once, the only guaranteed result is frustration and burn out. Start with a single drawer as a way to prove to yourself that it’s not so bad. Beginning with silverware is an easy way to get going on your organizational system without wanting to throw everything out immediately. Similarly, starting with a towel drawer and throwing out those that have left their best years behind is a quick and easy way to get started.

Upgrade dishware as a prize

Now is the time to redo dishware if you feel like changing it up. Spring cleaning is about reducing clutter, but it’s also about replacing. If you’ve had those plates you hate for far too long, clean out the cupboard and replace with your bright, new alternatives! This will help keep your kitchen clutter-free and also give you something to look forward to.

Go organic when it comes to cleaning solutions

Try using organic or homemade cleaning solutions to reduce fumes and wear on appliances and surfaces as you take your cleaning goals to task. You’ll feel good about your environmentally friendly products, and you’ll have less chance of damaging surfaces over time. If you have granite countertops in your kitchen, you might only need to extend those gentle cleaning products to the rest of your kitchen for a smooth, streak-free and safe result.

Let yourself indulge in a little lavender

A little scent goes a long way when it comes to spring cleaning. Add a little lavender oil to your granite cleaning solution for granite countertops. Lavender is thought to invoke an overall feeling of relaxation and get you in the mood for spring!

Polish to perfection

Polish up cabinets to bring out a great accent color for naturally shiny features you already have in your kitchen like granite countertops. It will eliminate dust and make your cabinets look brand new without the cost of replacement.

Don’t be afraid of a little dust

Dust out floor mats, even the small ones you tend to forget about near the base of the stove or sink. They’ve been sitting idle all winter and a little shake makes a big difference in clearing out the air for spring time kitchen adventures.

Hang it up

Add some necessary hooks during your spring cleaning extravaganza for items that tend to collect dust in the corners or back of cabinets like glasses and extra utensils. While you clean, look for new ways to store that don’t require digging through the back cupboards next time spring rolls around.

Put a little muscle into it

Get your muscle on and move the fridge. It’s everybody’s least favorite part because you never know what’s made its way back there, but you’ll be happy you did. As an extra incentive, make it your ONLY project that day to keep motivated. If you do this once a year, it gets less and less intimidating over time.

Self-cleaner and time saver

Use self- cleaner for your oven and let it work while you do the rest. Self-cleaning solutions can be just as effective as getting in there and scrubbing from scratch by hand. The longer you let it sit, the less time it takes for you, which keeps morale high and cleaning results in top notch shape.

Add the fancy flower details

Add live flowers to your countertops as a final touch. It’s not cleaning in and of itself, but it’s a great addition to your shiny new space and gives a final clean feel to your kitchen and surfaces. Choose colors that accent your granite surfaces to bring attention to your shiny, clean features which are now ready to celebrate spring.

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