If 2023 was the era of maximalism, 2024 is adopting a more understated yet captivating style. Experts from the National Kitchen and Bath Association emphasize a shift towards warm words and natural colors, a nostalgic throwback with a modern twist. Moving away from bold and vivid colors, designers are now embracing subtler tones. Read on to learn more about the emerging 2024 kitchen trends.

2024 Kitchen Trends

The Future of Kitchen Design: Innovation

kitchen trends in 2024

2024 kitchen trends are all about smart functionality and pretty aesthetics. A standout innovation is faucets integrated with filtration systems, offering options for fizzy soda water and hot water for tea and coffee. Here are more cool things happening in kitchens this year:

  • Smart Fridges and Ovens: Imagine having a fridge that tells you when you’re almost out of milk or an oven you can control from your phone. These gadgets are making cooking and keeping your kitchen organized a whole lot easier.
  • Talk to Your Kitchen: Now, you can just say the word and your faucet turns on, or your oven starts warming up. You can even ask for cooking tips – all hands-free!
  • Secret Spots to Charge Your Stuff: Kitchens are now coming with special spots to charge your phone and other gadgets, hidden away so your counters don’t look messy.
  • Fridges That Keep Food Fresh Longer: There are new fridges that have special spots for your fruits, veggies, meats, and dairy to make sure they stay fresh as long as possible.
  • Entertainment in the Kitchen: Want to listen to music or catch up on your favorite show while you’re cooking? Kitchens now have built-in speakers and screens for just that.
  • Smart Ventilation: Those fans above your stove? They’re getting an upgrade. They can now turn on by themselves when they sense heat or smoke, and change how strong they are depending on what you’re cooking.


Return to Warmth

Carisha Swanson, a kitchen expert, notes a significant trend: return to warmth. There will be a significant lean toward warmth in the kitchen, with warmer wood cabinetry and glossy zellige tiles taking the spotlight. Kitchen islands are also transforming, becoming larger, central pieces that encourage communal dining and intimate conversations. Kerrie Kelly, CEO of Kerrie Kelly Studio, stresses the importance of versatile spaces in 2024 kitchen trends. Kitchen islands will become multifunctional hubs for cooking, dining, and socializing. This approach to design highlights the “joy of living.”

Colors in Style

Back to Nature

While blue is still a hit, green is the new favorite. From deep forest greens to soft, sage greens, these colors are all the rage. It’s just like bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside your home.

Rick Palette: Warmth and Depth

The all-white kitchen trend is giving way to richer, deeper colors. Expect to see warm tones like browns, musky blues, and even reds and purples, paired with subtle neutrals.

Layered Lighting: Keeping it Cozy

2024 kitchen trends

Under-cabinet lighting

This year, there’s a big change in how kitchens are lit. Instead of those big, bright lights, designers are going for a softer, more layered look. What does this mean? Well, they’re putting lights in neat places like under the cabinets and along the bottom of the cabinets (that’s the toe-kick part).

Also, small wall sconces are becoming popular again. They’re great for giving a warm, cozy feel when you’re done cooking and just hanging out in the kitchen. The idea is to make the kitchen feel more inviting and not so bright and overwhelming. Simple lights that make the whole kitchen look better are the way to go now.

kitchen trends in 2024

Wall sconce

FAQ: Kitchen Styles, Trends, and Colors in 2024

What are the key color trends for kitchens in 2024?

The trend is shifting from bold colors to warmer earth tones, with a rise in greens and an emergence of rich colors like browns, smoky blues, and purples.

How are kitchen islands evolving in 2024?

Kitchen islands are becoming larger and more conversational, with integrated seating and storage, fostering intimacy and versatility.

What are the latest trends in kitchen lighting?

The trend is towards layered, understated lighting with a focus on creating a versatile ambiance using under-cabinet and toe-kick lighting for functionality and a soft glow.

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