Avoid these common kitchen design mistakes to make your kitchen renovation more valuable:


Not removing outdated soffits above the cabinets. 

Not only are soffits out of style, but leaving them can significantly decrease the value of your renovation. 

A qualified kitchen designer or contractor can adjust the plumbing to fit between the new cabinets and the ceiling, which should only add around $1,000 to construction costs.


Choosing arched doors or honey oak wood for your cabinets.

These styles have limited resale value and can make your kitchen renovation look dated.


Placing wall cabinets over doorways or windows.

This design choice can detract from the overall aesthetic of your kitchen and make it appear unprofessional.


Allowing your contractor to also be your cabinetry provider. 

This can lead to overpaying for cabinetry and compromising the design of your kitchen. It’s generally best to purchase cabinetry directly from the dealer.


Choosing an island that is too big for your space. 

Having an oversized island can make your kitchen feel cramped and crowded.

Be aware that some contractors may give you unrealistic prices on renovations and try to convince you to use their own cabinetry, so it is best to research and hire qualified professionals.

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