The bathroom has previously been treated as a utility room in most homes. But what many homeowners don’t realize is that they can add value and comfort to their home by extending the design thoughtfulness they put in the rest of their home into their bathroom.

One of the classic ways to add style to a bathroom is through tiles.  Although tiled bathroom trends come and go, almost nothing can beat this surface cover in the bathroom. They are durable, easy to clean and can look fresh and modern if you put some thought into the design.

You can choose tiles in more styles and colors than you have ever seen before, and you are no longer restricted to those off-white or basic hues cut into that traditional square shape. The new styles and designs for tiles means that you can do more than just cover your surfaces with them, you can create a unique look that highlights your bathrooms best features.

Here are five ways to give tile a fresh new look during your bathroom remodel:


Mosaic tile is not the tile you remember from your grandmother’s bathroom. Gone are the days of grout covered, aqua tiles. Mosaic tiles can be made of glass, porcelain or metal. They also include both modern and tradition designs on them. You can purchase these tiles in the traditional squares or in hexagons, circles or even chipped pieces.

One of the best things to do with mosaic tiles is to combine a few colors for a fresh look. This is especially beautiful with porcelain tiles.

You can even install metal tiles to give your bathroom a very medieval or Game of Thrones look. Using metal tiles to create an earth friendly, historic pattern can transform your suburban bathroom into one that is worthy of an ancient European family.

Use Geometric Shapes

You can make the most out of your bathroom by including many different geometric shapes in one place. For example, if you install a square tub, you might use varying sizes of rectangular tiles around the tub to show off all of the different shapes at play. Not only will it make the space feel larger, it will also be more interesting to look at.

Using different geometric shapes can help make a small bathroom feel a bit larger and more contemporary, too. You can also pair it with minimalist furniture to really show off all of the different shapes involved in the bathroom design.

Use Spa Colors

When people think of spas, they think of white, clean spaces. But a cool sea of spearmint green can give your bathroom just the right amount of color it needs to feel fresh and contemporary while still keeping that relaxed spa feeling.

Don’t feel limited to those off-white tiles if you’re looking to add relaxation to your bathroom. Some great spa colors include soft blues and sea greens. These colors offer a cooling off feeling to your bathroom that could rival any spa.

Don’t forget to pair these colors with some accent pieces that also represent the spa experience. Rainfall showerheads and hanging towel racks are a spa staple and always a welcome option.

Mix Up Your Grays

If you’re looking for a classic yet contemporary tile pattern, consider mixing up different shades of gray. You certainly don’t need fifty, but two or three will help provide depth to your bathroom while keeping the colors both neutral and modern looking.

If you’re choosing this style, pair it up with some large rectangular tiles. Keep the tiles cut long so that the space will feel larger than it is. You should also keep other decorations just as minimal as the tile to avoid the room beginning to feel cluttered.

Add an Accent Wall

Accent walls are a great way to make any room feel more modern without having to commit to a full décor scheme. Not only do they provide a pop of color into an otherwise neutral room, but they also work to make the room feel bigger by creating an optical illusion.

If you’re happy to create a more permanent accent wall, consider making it out of tile. A little goes a long way with tile but don’t be afraid to be daring with your design as well. A classic accent wall might include small tiles with small bursts of color scattered throughout.

But if you’re up for an adventure, you can create and design a whole wall that will make become the focal point of the room and the epitome of your creativity.

Bathroom tiles don’t have to be boring colors or shapes. Now they can be both practical and colorful. The most important thing to remember about installing bathroom tiles is that you’re not tied down to one color. Adding a few colors into the mix will have to bring life into a room that is otherwise used for utility!

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