The bathroom is an extremely important space in your home as anyone could tell you. It’s a room that’s used for hygiene, prepping, primping and many more daily necessities. Oddly enough, for all the use that goes into the bathroom, it tends to be one of the smaller rooms in any given home. Outside of a master bath, the average bathroom is far less spacious than any living room or kitchen you would find in a residence.

This means that when it comes to designing your bathroom, space is of the utmost importance. Any square foot that can be saved for functionality should be, and your family and friends will thank you for it! Luckily, there are several creative and unique ways to create more bathroom storage within the space you have. Getting items off the ground and elevated into practical storage is going to open up space to allow your bathroom to be a more convenient and functional room overall. Here are seven specific ways to make that happen.

Lift it up to leveled shelving

Shelves are the perfect solution to creating more storage space in any bathroom. Fortunately, there is no written rule that says your shelves have to be uniformly installed. In fact, shelving is a feature that allows for a great deal of creativity and innovation when it comes to storage. Try a variety of unevenly stacked shelves along a single wall and admire the fun, finished product. Not only do shelves innately create space for moving smaller trinkets off of counters, but the uneven stacking creates a fun and textured look on your wall. Similarly, if shelves aren’t directly stacked on top of one another, there is more height for larger objects to be stored.

If you want to use these same shelves to bring out some of your bathroom’s stunning colors, try painting each shelf a different hue that’s present in your bathroom granite countertops. This will make for a homey touch while highlighting some of the best qualities of the granite.

Magnify your mirror’s aesthetic storage appeal

Creating storage space in your bathroom should be an exercise in innovation. The bathroom mirror is a primary feature in the room, and storage can easily be built around the objects that stand out. Continuing on with the tradition of storage shelving, try installing a set of miniature shelves individually placed around the bathroom mirror. Brace each small shelf with a mini-mirror and watch your mirror turn in to a work of art that also increases storage space. These petite shelves can hold smaller objects like toothbrush holders and tweezers that tend to linger on bathroom countertops when they aren’t in use. Getting these items up off of the counter space not only frees up room, but allows your granite countertops or vanity sets to shine and not be smothered under clutter.

Hook it up high

One of the biggest complaints when it comes to bathrooms is where family and guests should and could put bath towels. These tend to take up space and exist in bulk in many households. Fortunately, the solution is simple. Placing an over-the-door towel hook keeps towels separated to dry and also out of the way when they aren’t being used. When the bathroom door is open, you won’t even know they are there!

Reuse everything useful in the name of storage

If you’re wondering what to do with any of those old wine bottle holders you keep in your kitchen, a bathroom storage solution could be calling your name. Instead of stacking extra hand towels on the sink, go ahead and move that wine holder into the bathroom. Rolled up, those hand towels fit perfectly into these reusable storage feature that you’ve given a new purpose in life.

Caddies can be placed anywhere

No longer exclusively for showers, storage caddies can make great additions to your bathroom in unique and functional spaces. Try adding a rounded caddy to the base of your sink to create extra storage space for items like soap and toilet paper. It holds plenty of extra items and won’t get in the way of family and friend’s feet.

Box it up

Shelving units in and of themselves make for great storage space, but that space can be maximized further if you add small boxes into the mix. Easy to find items such as photo boxes can be transformed into ideal storage spaces for wash clothes, extra toothbrushes and floss when you’re looking to free up some of those countertop drawers.

Why not add a little wicker?

If your bathroom has granite countertops or vanity sets, it’s not surprising that you would want to highlight that stunning feature while maximizing space. A great way to do this is to incorporate wicker storage baskets into your décor that bring out the earth tones naturally present in granite. Wickers baskets can easily be stacked next to or underneath countertop spaces as a way to increase storage while bringing out the best in your granite surfaces.

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