It seems that more and more bathrooms are designed to be a relaxing place in your home – the place you go at the end of a long day, to reduce stress, and get yourself physically and mentally ready for tomorrow. If you want your bathroom to be a spot that does just that, then you need to make it spectacular. Here are 8 amazing elements you should include in your bathroom design to give you that amazing and spectacular look and feel!

#1 – Granite Countertops

There is no countertop material more luxurious than granite, and because it is highly durable and resistant to stains and molding, it is the perfect material for your bathroom. Granite is available in a variety of different colors, which means that it will match perfectly to any style or design of bathroom you choose.

#2 – Exquisite Finishes

If you really want to create an amazing bathroom, both in look and touch, you will want to choose exquisite finishes. Some materials you may want to consider include wood, seashells, rock, and stainless steel. You can include these elements in the design in a variety of ways, such as a seashell backsplash or wood flooring. In addition, gold and brass are making a comeback in the bathroom, as are matte chrome and oil bronzed finishes. These are being seen anywhere from the plumbing to the lighting fixtures.

#3 – Water Conservation Technology

In the last few years, there has been a major emphasis on ‘going green’ and saving the environment. The bathroom is just one more place where you can make sure you’re doing your part. There is technology available, such as shower heads and toilets, that can help you conserve water. Now, this technology is so sleekly designed, that you still get the look you want out of faucets and toilets, but know that you are helping to conserve water.

#4 – Unique Faucets

Aside from saving water, bathroom faucets can do more for you in the bathroom – and they look great doing it. You can choose handheld faucets, which are perfect in a free- standing tub or even a handheld sprayer for your deck-mounted sink. Typically a feature found in a kitchen faucet, bathroom designers are finding handheld faucets have an important role in the bathroom as well.

#5 – Drawer Pulls and Cabinetry Handles

Only in the last decade or so have cabinet handles and drawer pulls really become an elegant accent piece. In years past, they have been designed in basic styles and were only available in a few finishes. Now, you can showcase patterns, colors, textures, and a little ‘bling’ or jewels in your bathroom with drawer pulls and handles, which allows the design to continue flowing through the room seamlessly.

#6 – Creative Storage Options

Traditionally, a bathroom would be designed with a small linen closet to store toiletry items, towels, and other personal items you would keep in a bathroom. However, bathroom designers are turning more towards look and functionality, not just one or the other. There are so many ways to be creative when it comes to storage options. For instance, open shelves to store rolled up towels, cabinets that close with a light touch, and even those with LED lights to give the room that extra glow. When choosing your storage options, think outside the box. Doing so will allow you to have a visually appealing piece in your bathroom – the ‘wow’ factor every amazing bathroom needs.

#7 – Metallic Finishes

Another element you want to consider adding is metallic finishes – especially in places you would not normally think of seeing them. You can opt for a metallic sink, a metallic vanity, or even a metallic backsplash. One of the current trends is a hammered metallic finish, that really punches up the look of different pieces in your bathroom, such as the sink or vanity.

#8 – Organic Materials

If a metallic sink is not really what you had in mind, consider choosing a more natural – or organic – finish. You can select from a sink made of seashells, one made from concrete, and even wood sinks. In fact, walnut, bamboo, mahogany, and teak are some of the most popular wood sink options available, and really help you connect with nature in your bathroom. This is an excellent option if you are trying to create a spa-like feeling in the bathroom. The sink is not the only place you can choose organic materials. Think about adding stained ceramic and tiles that have a wood-look to your backsplash, floor, and walls for that added natural touch.

#9 – Sleek & Modern Shower Controls

When the rain-style shower heads were introduced to the masses a few years back, they all seemed to be designed the same, and homeowners eventually got bored with the look. Now, manufacturers and designers have come together to give you more options when it comes to appearance, while still giving you the functional amazing shower head you love.

#10 – The Bath is Where its At

Bathtubs – particularly free-standing tubs – are becoming the centerpieces of spectacular bathrooms. Manufacturers are adding more and more features to ensure that your bath time experience is one-of-a-kind. From adding smart technology and aromatherapy to including lighting and sounds, you can find a bathtub that meets – or exceeds – your relaxing expectations.As you sit down to think about redesigning your bathroom, think about all of these spectacular elements – from granite countertops to lighted bathtubs – and all the little touches in between – there is no reason your bathroom should be less than amazing.

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