Granite counters, rain showerheads, walk-in showers — these are just a few of the features that homeowners include in their spa bathrooms.

Want to soak the day away in your luxurious spa bathroom? Here’s a guide to setting the mood and the features to include in the spa bathroom.

  1. Choose the right color. In order to replicate a spa look in your bathroom, you’ll need to start with the color palette. Spas are relaxing not just because you can soak in a hot tub or sauna. The colors on the walls and in the materials also help to promote relaxation. Cool colors are the best choices. Shades of light gray, white or blue create a sense of refreshment, while also reducing stress and inducing a calming effect. Be sure to choose a complementary color palette to ensure your bathroom exudes a calm, clean feel.
  2. Move onto materials. Natural elements mimic the look of a spa, inspiring a back-to-nature look. Consider using natural wood on the floor or walls, or in a vanity or mirror. Choose bamboo flooring or granite tile flooring to complement other natural selections.
  3. Consider lighting. You may want to redesign the lighting plan in the space if the existing bathroom is short on light. In new bathroom designs, the sky’s the limit with lighting. A happy in-between is desired: You don’t want a bathroom that’s too light or too dark. Creating a layered lighting design helps provide task lighting when you need to see (to put on makeup, for example), while dimmer switches help to set the mood for a long soak in the tub.
  4. Know thy windows. If your bathroom has lots of windows, you’ll want to keep privacy in mind when choosing window dressings. Wood blinds provide privacy and can be a way to bring in a natural element. However, sheer white curtains can create an elegant feel and let the sunlight into the room during the day, while still providing a measure of privacy.
  5. Go for broke with the soak. A great spa is all about water. So you’ll want to make the shower and tub the focal point of your spa bathroom. Consider purchasing a soaker tub or jet tub if you have a separate standalone feature. A shower-turned-spa is easy to create with multiple spray showerheads and a bench for sitting down. Standing showers that let you walk in also recreate the spa experience.
  6. Choose the music. The spa experience should also include soothing sounds. If your home already features a sound system, see if you can extend the wiring into the bathroom and install speakers. Or purchase a wireless speaker that connects to your smartphone. Create a spa playlist, and you’re all set!
  7. Remember the smells. Lighting, water and music play a significant role in your bathroom spa, but so does aromatherapy. Try scented candles to generate a certain feel in your bathroom, or soak in special bath oils. You can also light a diffuser filled with essential oils, which can also have a healing effect. Remember to choose tools that deliver a mild smell. One that’s overwhelming can detract from the spa experience.

No matter how large or small your bathroom is, you can select materials and a design that will transform the humdrum space into the spa of your dreams. Just remember to adapt the color, materials, lighting, water, sounds and smells to recreate the spa experience at home.

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