For years, kitchens have been white. That’s it. White. No other color. Plain. Boring. White. However, in the past few decades, white kitchens have been receiving added touches that make a stellar impact on the visual aspect of the space. If you are tired of the boring, plain white kitchen, it is time you get the situation under control, and consider punching up your kitchen. Here are some simple, yet aesthetically pleasing ways to turn a white kitchen from boring to adoring – you will never want to leave your kitchen again!

Elegant White & Subtle Blue

One option you have for bringing a white kitchen into the modern world, just requires a few minor changes. With a white ceiling, white cabinetry, and white moulding, you can add some color to the walls. Have your paint specialist mix up your favorite shade of light blue. Then, have then tint the next can with only half the amount – giving you a similar yet lighter shade of the exact same color. Paint 12 inch wide stripes of one color in between stripes of the other color. It provides a unique wall design with just a couple of buckets of paint. Add a dark hardwood floor, dark hardwood island countertop and swiveling bar stools to a kitchen island with hanging pendant lights. You will never think the same terrible thoughts walking into your new kitchen.

Contemporary White Kitchen

If you are into contemporary designs, you can have a white kitchen you will love. Think Shaker elements. This means, plain trim, no ornamentation, and clean lines throughout the space. We recommend a light tan granite countertop, reddish-tan tile flooring, and stainless steel appliances with stainless steel hardware on the cabinetry. Complete the look with stainless steel legs on the island and barstools for a complete contemporary design that is white, yet spectacular.

White Outdoor Kitchen

Who says the only white kitchen you have has to be indoors? It is almost summer, so it is time to think about your outdoor kitchen, and white is the perfect choice. Create an small table out of a stainless steel pedestal and a granite slab top. Add in stainless steel appliances – a grill, a stovetop, and a dishwasher, and complete the look with white cabinetry, white chairs, and gorgeous granite countertops for the food preparation areas. A white outdoor kitchen will feel crisp, clean, and fresh – perfect for the outdoors.

Open Kitchen w/ Pops of Color

Another way to turn a white kitchen from dull to spectacular is to use an open kitchen design with pops of color. This works especially great in a small kitchen. Paint the walls white and install white kitchen cabinets. Leave some open shelving and glass front cabinets. On the walls behind these spaces, paint a bright color, such as red, bright blue, yellow, green, whatever color you wish. Adding this pop of color brings depth to the space and brightens up an otherwise all-white kitchen. We also recommend installing dark granite cabinets for a unique contrast that will pop with the kitchen. If possible, match your paint color for the back of the shelves to the granite for an added wow factor.

Bright Colors Everywhere

The words ‘bright colors everywhere’ may sound like a mumble jumble, cluttered concept, but if done properly, it can really be what your otherwise white kitchen needs! With white cabinets and white walls, adding lots of color can be amazing. Start with dark granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and stainless steel hardware on your cabinets and drawers. Add a brightly colored valance to your kitchen window, such as a lime green with flowers. Add bright pink placemats to your kitchen table with a centerpiece of brightly colored – pinks, reds, oranges – flowers in a vase. Decorate shelving or your countertops with bright colored décor, such as candy jars and wall art. Using bright colors – and a matching variety of them – can really bring out the beauty of a white kitchen with little cost and effort.

Natural White Kitchen

First of all, a natural white kitchen does not mean you leave it all white or boring. You want the design to be inspired by nature. This means that with white cabinets and walls, you add natural elements. This could include a brown granite countertop, brushed bronze hardware and pendant lighting fixtures, wicker seating, and a natural colored tile flooring and backsplash. Decorate with natural centerpieces, such as a vase with fresh flowers or a bowl with pinecones on the center of your table. Look out your kitchen window – whatever you see can become a part of your nature-inspired white kitchen design.

There are many ways – these are just a few – that you can turn a boring white kitchen into something special. Take the time to really plan out your design so that you are happy with the finished product. You want to be able to walk into your newly designed white kitchen and say, “Ahh. I love it!” for many years to come.

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