Autumn is just around the corner. The days of falling leaves, jackets, and cool breezes will soon be upon us.

But you may not think about the kitchen when decorating your home for fall, but you should!

Think of all the time spent in the kitchen.

It’s one of the rooms in your home that gets the most traffic, from breakfast to lunch to after-school snacks to after-after school snacks….you get the picture!You can make the kitchen just as autumn-festive as any of the other rooms you decorate.

Not sure where to begin?

Read on to find out how to bring your kitchen into the fall-decorating-fun!


Whether you have a kitchen island or a dining area in the kitchen, centerpieces make a big statement.

It can be as simple as a unique bowl filled with an assortment of gourds, acorns, and autumn leaves. (You can use real, but opting for artificial may be a safer bet.)

Or it can be a more elaborate set-up. Gather several clear glass vases or jars (if you don’t already have some, you can find them for next to nothing at your local thrift shop).

Fill them with an assortment of acorns, leaves, small wicker or grapevine balls, or anything else that evokes fall for you.

Either way, you’re bringing a bit of the season into your kitchen.


Let’s face it. Most of us don’t have to time to bake delectable pumpkin-y treats every day. While there’s nothing like the smell of a fresh baked apple or pumpkin pie, candles can replicate the scents that make us drool.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match scents that complement each other to get that “something yummy’s in the oven” smell — even when there’s not!

Think pumpkin and spice, or apple pie and cinnamon. The candle possibilities are endless!

Another good option if you’re blessed with a generous amount of electrical outlets is the scented wax warmer that you can plug-in. Same idea as the candles: Play around to achieve the smell that says “fall is here!” for you.


You may be asking yourself, “The walls?! What?!”

Trust me. Wreaths aren’t just for front doors! Bring it inside and choose a wall.

You’ll be amazed at the visual impact it adds to your space.

Another creative idea is framed artwork. If you have children or grandchildren, they will undoubtedly be doing some fall-themed art projects at school.

Choose a couple you really like, stick them in some simple frames, and voila!

It’s fall in your kitchen!

You don’t have to have children making art to get in on the wall-hanging fun, though.

Find a perfectly formed, beautifully colored leaf and put it on display. Or maybe you want to create some artwork of your own!

Already have shelves on the walls? Consider trading out what’s normally on them for a couple gourds or small pumpkins.

Get decorating!

When it comes to decorating your kitchen for fall, you don’t have to be elaborate or go over the top.

But you can if you want to! Just be creative. And make it yours.

You can tastefully decorate your kitchen in the same way you adorn other areas of your home. And why shouldn’t you? Your family spends enough time in the kitchen to warrant a little autumn-sprucing-up!

Now that your eyes have been opened to the possibilities of bringing fall into your kitchen, get decorating!

And most importantly — HAVE FUN!

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