Interior design involves a multitude of decisions including color schemes, accent pieces, spacing and textures. However, when all is said and done, design is much more than a series of choices– it’s about incorporating creativity and personal taste into your home. The culmination of the decisions you make should be a reflection of things you love and are passionate about. No matter what room you are looking to redesign, it’s important that what you put in is the image of your personal creativity and taste.

When you start the interior design process, it’s easy to get caught up in the function vs. form debate. There could be a million items you love that just don’t work efficiently in the space provided. Alternatively, you can be tempted to fill a space with functional items that all together, say nothing personal about you as an individual at all. The trick to creating a great space is not to evaluate too much on function or form, but to look to your own lifestyle and see what fits. When it comes to bathroom design don’t focus too much on whether it’s nice enough or necessary enough, but how it fits into your lifestyle and works for you on a daily basis. If you’re in the process of contemplating items such as bathroom furniture, here are few facts to consider and contemplate how they fit into your overall design scheme.

Bathroom furniture adds extra storage space

Bathroom furniture options are great design tools, but beyond their aesthetic appeal, they can also create some much needed storage space. Items such as drawers, cabinets, over-the-toilet shelving and corner chairs can be both visually appealing and efficient space savers. Working with smaller spaces doesn’t necessarily mean you have to skip the bathroom furniture altogether. It just might mean you have to seek out the experts in order to make your space work the best for you and your family. Stores like IKEA specialize in furniture made to maximize small spaces and look amazing at the same time. Take time to consider all of the efficient bathroom furniture options if you are looking to maximize your space and create a creative look as well.

Consider the kids and lend to their learning

When trying to decide whether or not to utilize bathroom furniture, it’s essential to consider the residents of your home. If you have small children in your house, bathroom furniture can serve a dual purpose. It can create a visually appealing statement, but it can also help accommodate smaller statures and habitual learning curves. Step stools, small chairs and lowered cabinets with towels can help young children learn to take care of themselves without being hindered by size. Additionally, children’s décor lends itself to bold and fun colors, so consider your bathroom furniture an opportunity to expand upon your color palette and make a real statement in the name of childhood fun!

Create the illusion of optimal space

Many homeowners are afraid that adding bathroom furniture will take away from functional space and cause the bathroom to appear smaller than it actually is. While this may be the case with ill thought out designs, bathroom furniture that is placed with a purpose can actually create the illusion of increased space. Consider adding a tall corner cabinet for added storage that has a mirrored front door. The mirror will reflect the space and make the room feel that it’s longer than it actually is. Similarly, light colored accent furniture such as cabinets and shelving units can pull visual focus away from darker walls and create a wider feel to the bathroom space altogether. Bathroom furniture that is sufficiently thought out can definitely work for the good of the space when strategically placed.

Add a pop of color to neutral designs

Sometimes the necessity of bathroom furniture doesn’t come down to strict function, but essential design. If you’ve chosen the path of more neutral bathroom design to maximize visual space and have created a space in light tones, bathroom furniture can be your opportunity to throw in a pop of creative color that makes a bold statement. Consider a small table that highlights the colors in granite countertops to add extra counter space and bring out a brilliant stone tone. Similarly, a colorful vanity, shelving unit or small chair can bring a lot of life to a neutral backdrop without taking away from the space you have to work with.

When trying to decide whether or not bathroom furniture is a necessity, make sure to prioritize your individual taste and not worry too much about necessity. If bathroom furniture is well placed with defined and clear purpose, you can’t go wrong. So take the time to decide what you like and your bathroom will be a testament to your personal taste and style, with or without furniture

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