Have you been thinking it’s about time I should revamp my bath and find bathroom remodelers near me who can do the job for me in a reasonable timeline? Read along with us!

While demolishing and remodeling your bathroom from the ground up is no small endeavor, it requires thorough planning, which will ultimately decide your bathroom remodeling length and the intensity of your bathroom remodeling process.

However, what is the average timeline of a bathroom remodel? We’ll look into many factors that will determine your bathroom remodeling length, especially if it’s a complete renovation. 


Establishing The Process 

There are several ways to minimize the remodeling time by believing the process, trusting your vision, organizing till the very last detail, and following a schedule. Fortunately, this is possible if you choose to delegate major tasks while also doing the fun, easy tasks yourself. Start by looking for bathroom contractors near me online and consult a few about your remodeling requirements.

It includes opting for the right professionals, securing permits, selecting the right bathroom fixtures, adhering to the building code, and more. By doing so, you will strike a balance between choosing a bathroom remodeling company near you and your DIY schedule.

Throughout a bathroom remodel, few things are as important as designing the perfect shower. An efficient bathroom design will enhance the look and functionality of a bathroom remodel. You must get it right on the first attempt.  That said, let’s look into each phase that will establish the overall budget and the bathroom remodeling length. 


Pre-Construction Phase 


Plan (At Your Own Pace) 


plan bathroom remodel time


Did you know a bathroom remodel can add so much value to your home? Before you plan your bathroom remodel, consider these tips to help you understand the process and bathroom remodeling length.

What do you like about your existing bathroom layout? What is the traffic flow? How much extra space do you need in your bathroom?

When planning your bathroom remodel, think long-term about the aesthetic and functionality of the space. Remember, you want a room that will be in style for at least 5-10 years. 

Choose fixtures and features that fit with your lifestyle instead of showpieces. Later, you can use that money towards better cabinetry & flooring. Try to keep sanitaryware, fixtures, and walls in the same location. It will save on costs, time and debris. However, if you choose to move them around, add another 2-4 weeks to your timeline. 

Plan in advance if you want to put at least a small window or skylight in your bathroom to avoid dark, damp spaces. Besides, it will help bring natural light in and brighten the nook. (Install time: 2-4days)

Be quality conscious. Don’t look for bargains on vanities or fixtures. Choose high-quality items that will look nice but also last a long time. Delivery time for each will differ, so make sure you buy everything in advance. (Shipping: 4-12weeks)

Think storage, not space! Storage will never go out of style. Shaving cabinets, in-built medicine cabinets, shaker-style cabinets, etc., are practical and functional choices for your bathroom. You can buy prefabricated (install time: 2 days) or custom cabinets (2 weeks to build + 1 day to install). 

Don’t underestimate the power of good lighting! Lighting can make your bathroom look larger & brighter. Choose task lighting (under-cabinet lighting) & ambient lighting. You can install these within two days. 

Communication is key. As with any relationship, establish clear, open communication from the start with your contractor. Also, if you’re unhappy with the results, it’s better to resolve those issues during construction than trying to fix them later. 


Budget (2-4 Days) 



What is the typical price for remodeling a bathroom? Although the answer to that question varies vastly based on the situation, some figures can help you figure out what type of project may suit your budget.

  1. Base remodels start at $225/sq.ft of the space.
  2. Premium remodels generally start at $290/sq.ft of space.
  3. Luxury remodels start at $390/sq.ft of space but can go as high as the budget allows based on the client.

Similarly, it’s essential to understand and know the scope of your project. Homeowners want to know where their money is going and if down-the-line they’ll need financing. 

It is also critical to know the intent behind the remodel, whether you are planning to sell or want to upgrade for better living? 

If you plan to sell, it’s wise to invest in improving the functionality and add in some finishing touches to increase the resale value of your home. However, if you plan to stay, it’s better to go all-in (provided you have the budget) and make changes that will significantly impact your life. 

On the contrary, there is no way you can search to find a set figure for a bathroom remodel near me. That said, here’s a guide that will help you establish an appropriate budget for your remodel. 

  1. Labor and demolition are 10% of your budget. 
  2. Mechanicals are 10% of your budget. 
  3. Paint and drywall are 9% of your budget. 
  4. Floorings and walls are 26% of your budget. 
  5. Cabinets are 22% of your budget. 
  6. Counters are 9% of your budget. 
  7. Fixtures are 14% of your budget. 


Hire A Professional 

If you want a successful result, you must pick a registered and qualified bathroom remodeling contractor near you. You must hire someone who has a good reputation and expertise in the project you’re undertaking. 

It’s better to talk to your loved ones and neighbors to get recommendations. Also, it’s essential you feel comfortable inviting them into your home. 

Labor costs will probably eat up a good chunk of your remodeling budget. A general contractor (with a plumber and electrician) will charge $60 – $150/ hr. 

The price varies vastly on your location, layout, the bathroom remodeling company near you, and the materials you choose. Once happy, sign a contract and make sure you list every single thing you want in the contract. It can be as simple as not working before 9 AM or until the kids are off to school. 


Post Construction Phase


Design (10-12 weeks) 


bathroom remodel design


When renovating your space, make it a reflection of your style while also delivering the comfort you need. Aside from that, make sure it has the right fixtures and amenities capable of providing function and value. 

It’s not always about the size. Remember, you can make your bathroom functional and beautiful no matter what the size. 

If it’s a master bathroom remodel, it is essential to blend the design. Don’t choose a super dull or equally bright color to distract from the theme of your bedroom. Instead, you can use the same shade that will flow well without taking away from the grandeur of the main bedroom. 

Stick to neutral colors when painting your ceiling and walls. It will make the ceiling feel higher. Also, it will create an illusion of a larger room. Optimize the functionality of your bathroom with concealed storage options that help you keep your space clutter-free. 

Drawers for vanities are practical & visually appealing along with bathroom countertops! If you have a standard 900mm vanity, opt for a smaller bowl sink so you won’t sacrifice counter space. Curved showers make the room smaller, and it’s not as universal a design as a curbless shower. 

A shower niche is practical and looks stunning with some feature tiles; it will make your shower space pop. You can also opt for ledges that streamline across the whole wall. Regardless, plan for it in advance and add it to your contract. 


Finishing Touches (1-2 weeks)


finishing touches bathroom remodeling length


Hardware may be one small detail in the timeline of your bathroom remodeling length, but it sure makes a huge impact! With several styles and types of bathroom hardware to choose from, you must select an option that works both functionally and aesthetically for your room. Chrome, brass, and mixed metal hardware are on-trend right now. Also, it won’t take more than one day to install them. 

Try out all the doors, windows, handles, knobs, drawers before you make the final payment. Double-check each item and fixture before you give a thumbs up to the contractor. 

Review the work and look closely at all the edges, grout lines, paint color, switches, lights, ventilation system. Assemble a list of any mishaps and communicate it with your contractor. 

It’s better to point out any mishaps right there and then. Your contractor will have to adhere and fix them at no extra cost. Once you’re satisfied with every aspect of your brand-new remodel, you can thank the professionals for their efforts and make the final payment. 

Finally, add your favorite plants and decoratives to give the new bathroom your personal touch. You can add scented candles, artwork, antiques, frames, rugs, and other miscellaneous items. 


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