Facing the prospect of remodeling your bathrooms in the home can seem daunting at first. For such a small room, the bathroom serves so many purposes and is one of the most used rooms in the home. One of the best and easiest ways to upgrade your bathrooms is by replacing the vanity. Changing the vanity instantly upgrades the appeal and function of the bathroom with minimal work and expense, especially compared to a larger project that bathtub and shower installation! Here is a breakdown of some of our favorite vanities so you can choose the right vanity for your bathroom aesthetic and function.

Essentially, all bathroom vanities break down into two categories – single basin and double basin. Single basin vanities only have one sink in the countertop of the vanity. These usually work best in smaller bathrooms, such as the guest bath, but can work for master baths in smaller homes. Double basin vanities have two sinks in the countertop and are an excellent option for master baths so each person has their own space. It is difficult to make double basin vanities work in smaller bathrooms, so stick with larger spaces to install a double basin vanity.

After deciding how many sinks you need for your bathroom remodel, you can look at the different types of vanities and see which best applies to the function of your bathroom and the design. While it is more fun to jump straight to which design you like best, make sure the size and function of the vanity fits your lifestyle and bathroom layout. You want the vanity to be a solution to your bathroom use and look outstanding. Here are some different types of vanities and their benefits.

  • Antique: Antique vanities, also known as reproduction vanities, provide a very specific style for very specific bathrooms. If you want to achieve that Old World, classic look in your bathroom, this vanity is the best bet. There are many new vanities that are detailed and distressed to look antique, but you can also buy an actual antique vanity and have a professional modify and strengthen the furniture to adapt to modern plumbing.
  • Conventional: Conventional vanities are very common and one of the easiest choices to make when upgrading your bathroom vanity. The conventional vanity can be very basic so it is a supporting feature of your bathroom remodel or it can be more detailed with custom countertops and cabinets to be the centerpiece of your bathroom. The downfall of a conventional vanity is that it is incredibly common. If you want your vanity to stand out, you may need to choose a different option.
  • Furniture Style or Free Standing: The furniture style, also known as free standing, bathroom vanity is a breath of fresh air in design. This is one of the most popular vanity styles currently because of the versatility and uniqueness of the piece. It looks almost like a small chest of drawers in your bathroom with a sink inserted. Since it is not mounted to a wall, this style makes a bathroom feel more open. Since this is a furniture piece, there are many options for this vanity to work with any bathroom design.
  • Vessel: If you want the vanity to be an eye-catching centerpiece, a vessel setup is the perfect choice. A vessel vanity is a very unique addition to any bathroom remodel and stands out. Essentially this vanity design looks as if you placed a large bowl on top of your counter, but it acts as your sink. You can choose any of the above styles and add a vessel sink to make this work. The only drawback of this style is the height this adds to your vanity. You need to adjust the height of the counter to make the sink function natural.

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