Are you thinking about remodeling your bathroom? Are you also not so sure as to where you should begin with? You are not alone and you aren’t in the wrong either. Bathrooms are really complex rooms. For such small spaces, there’s a lot of wiring and plumbing work.

It’s not just about the complexity of the bathroom space. Let’s face it, no one is a professional remodeler. This could be your very first time making changes to your home. Even if it isn’t, you might still need some help to get you started. Worry not, we’ve got you covered. Have a look at some successful before and after bathroom remodel projects (and what they used to look like) to get inspired by.


The Best 4 Before and After Bathroom Remodel Projects


1. A Modern Touch

If you want to revamp your bathroom space, this is the way to do it. The old grout-esque tiles needed to go, no questions asked. They were replaced by a much brighter and soothing grey wall paint. The biggest change was replacing the old bathtub with a free-standing claw-footed bathtub.

In this bathroom space, the homeowners have paid attention to the lighting as well. Besides the natural lighting, they’ve replaced the previously dull yellow lighting with a much brighter lighting fixture.


[twenty20 img1=”1741″ img2=”1742″ offset=”0.5″ before=”Before” after=”After”]

Key Takeaway:  This bathroom remodel is a perfect example of how to achieve a minimal and modern aesthetic for your bathroom. You can do this by sticking to a bright theme. Just like the homeowners did, consider colors like white, light grey, and any pastel colors.

Similarly, pay attention to the lighting of the bathroom. The way you place your light source, including natural light, will decide how your bathroom looks. Simply put, let there be light!



2. Open up the Bathroom

One of the biggest reasons as to why bathrooms are trickier to remodel is because of their size. Most bathrooms in most homes are small. That being said, there are many ways to work around this problem. Let’s take this project as an example.

The homeowners transformed what was previously a really cramped bathroom into something light, airy, and open. The dull brown square tiles were replaced with plain grey flooring. They also added a floating vanity with double mirrors along with his and her sinks.


[twenty20 img1=”1728″ img2=”1729″ direction=”vertical” offset=”0.5″]

Key Takeaway: If you have a small bathroom, there are some principles that you can make use of to improve and “expand” the bathroom space. One of them is to add mirrors. Not only are mirrors important for your daily routine but they help open up the bathroom space because of their reflective ability.

Similarly, avoid installing bulky fixtures. For instance, floating vanities are perfect for small spaces. They do their job with half the space. Remember, you want to keep your bathroom open and light. Any fixture that takes up too much space is a big no.



3. Introduce Some Luxury

Every bathroom space has some hidden potential. Case in point, this particular bathroom. From bulky curtains to an obstructing shower cubicle. Let’s not even talk about the vanity here. It’s safe to say that the bathroom was practically begging to be updated.

Thankfully the owners realized the potential of the bathroom space and created their own spa-like retreat. You could look at the remodeled bathroom and picture yourself in a countryside retreat. The deep-soaking bathtub along with the large central window has that effect. The espresso-stained double vanity adds the right level of richness to the room.

To top it all, the walk-in shower is clearly the showstopper here and rightfully so.


[twenty20 img1=”1739″ img2=”1740″ offset=”0.5″ before=”Before” after=”After”]

Key Takeaway: When you’re remodeling your bathroom, think beyond utility. Your bathroom has the potential to be your mini-sanctuary.

You can achieve that by incorporating elements that speak comfort for you. For this homeowner, comfort translated to a deep-soaking tub and a walk-in shower. For you, it can be something as simple as a free-standing tub or a dedicated sitting area.

Among other things, the bathroom has several ingenious additions. The recessed shower cubby is a great idea, especially for small bathrooms. Similarly, the ladder/towel rack adds some character to the bathroom while serving a specific purpose.



4. Be Bold

While there was nothing wrong with the original bathroom, there was still room for improvement. The aqua blue tile along with the fixed bathtub just makes the bathroom seem smaller than it is. Similarly, the dated bulky vanity isn’t helping either.

The homeowners decided that hey could do so much with the bathroom space. For instance, they replaced the aqua tile with a warmer, bolder, and brighter Moroccan tiling. To add to the charm, the dated and bulky tub was replaced by a free-standing one. This opened up the bathroom as well.

In a similar fashion, the decision to replace the vanity with a sink along with brass fixtures seems to have paid off.


[twenty20 img1=”1732″ img2=”1733″ offset=”0.5″ before=”Before” after=”After”]

Key Takeaway: It pays off to be bold. Do not shy away from bright colors and bold patterns. If executed tastefully, they add a new dimension of personality and charisma to your bathroom. However, It’s not just about the tiles.

Just like the tiles and wallpapers, the fixtures that you choose will add to the personality of the bathroom as well.



In Conclusion

Remodeling your bathroom is a rewarding process. You are going to be using this bathroom space for a considerable period of time. This is why you have to look at these success stories and use them to create something that suits your needs and design aesthetic. These successful before and after bathroom remodel projects offer the best insight too!


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