In most homes, the guest bath or the smaller bathroom in the home has no window. Although this is great for privacy purposes, it really hinders – essentially eliminates – the amount of natural light in the room. Fortunately, there are ways that you can brighten up a bathroom that does not have a window and at the same time, make the space feel larger.

Color Palette

When remodeling a bathroom in hopes of obtaining a brighter space, opt for lighter colors. An all-white bathroom with black accents could be just what you are looking for. Choose white tile for the bathtub or shower walls and accent with black shower curtain rod and black and white shower curtain and floor mats. It would be great to use a white vanity with a black granite countertop and black hardware to complete the look.
You can also choose lighter, pastel color palettes that will provide the illusion of more light while enhancing a spa-like feeling. Lighters shades of blues and greens work well together and create a natural feeling. You could also opt for lighter shades of neutral browns, grays, and greens for a more outdoor-type space.

You will definitely want to avoid dark wall colors, such as purple, dark blue, chocolate brown, and black. These colors will actually work against your goal of adding more light to the room. If you do want to incorporate these colors into the room, use them as accents with a color palette that is lighter, such as white, neutral shades, or the pastel blue and green.

Architectural aspects are also beneficial in creating brightness. For instance, if you have the space, consider adding an archway to separate the shower from the rest of the room. Adding light-colored or white crown molding is also an excellent idea. It will provide the illusion of depth, which is essential in make a room feel brighter.

Reflective Surfaces

Another way to increase the brightness in a small windowless bathroom is by adding a variety of different reflective surfaces throughout the room. Start with a large mirror over the sink, such as a flat, frameless mirror. Often frames take up more wall space, which can actually make the room feel smaller and not as bright. A granite countertop can also have a reflective surface that will allow light to bounce around the room, making it brighter.

Although smaller areas, adding reflective surfaced hardware, such as silver and gold can be beneficial. You can also opt for silver or gold light fixtures, outlet covers, light switch covers, and more. Try and incorporate as many reflective surface areas as you can to increase the number of items that light can bounce off of.

Adequate Lighting

There are four different types of light sources that you should install in your bathroom to make the space feel much brighter. The first type of lighting you will want to include is task lighting, which is used to provide light to workspaces, such as where you would put on makeup. This can also be considered under cabinet lighting, which can help illuminate the sink for teeth brushing and hand washing.

Next, you will want to incorporate ambient lighting when you are remodeling your bathroom. Ambient lighting provides a warm, bright glow throughout the space. It helps to reduce the likelihood of shadows being cast on the walls, which can make a room feel dark. Installing light fixtures above the shower or the bathroom cabinets would serve as ambient lighting.

Accent lighting is also essential in a bathroom to help it feel brighter and more spacious. Accent lighting can be placed inside a display cabinet what has glass front panels to light up decorative items stored there. Adding recessed lighting to serve as a spotlight for artwork can also be helpful in creating a brighter space.

Finally, you will want to add decorative lighting. Decorative lighting is not only beneficial in adding light to the space but it can also serve as an eye-catching architectural piece in the room. Because there are so many different aspects of lighting that are essential to create adequate amounts of light in a bathroom, it is a great idea to hire a lighting specialist. You will be able to sit down and devise a plan as to what will work best in your bathroom to create the desired amount of brightness.

As you have discovered, there are a variety of ways to incorporate more light into your bathroom even when natural light does not exist. Take the time to carefully think about your bathroom color palette, lighting plan, and the addition of reflective surfaces. Having all these elements in your bathroom will help increase the feeling that the room is larger, and most importantly, brighter than it was before the remodeling project.

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