Spring is the time of year that trees bud and flowers bloom.

Everything in nature shouts freshness and renewal.

It’s the perfect time to bring some new life into your home by updating your bathroom!

Springtime is ideal

There are several reasons that a springtime remodel makes sense.

Check them out:

  • Cooperative weather. The weather is usually mild enough that the contractors coming to your home won’t have any trouble getting to you. That factor, combined with the longer daylight hours, translate into work that’s accomplished more quickly and with fewer snags. It’s not too hot or too cold, which provides a more pleasant environment for the contractors, as well, which is important because plumbing changes can necessitate outdoor work.
  • Greater availability for contractors. You’ll likely find that your contractor isn’t as busy in the spring. The busiest time for them is usually in the fall when many people want projects done before the holidays. Because they’re slower during this season, you may find that you’ll get better deals than you would at a busier time. Be sure to contact your contractor as far ahead as possible just to get on his springtime schedule.
  • Products are readily accessible. Due to the decrease in springtime remodeling projects, it’s usually not a problem to get the supplies needed for your contractor to get your job done. The lower demand means that popular products are less likely to be sold out or back-ordered; issues that can significantly slow down the renovation process.
  • Prepare for the extra traffic of summer. Summer tends to be a time when kids, friends, and family are constantly in and out. More people means more traffic to the bathroom! Having your remodel done in the spring ensures that you’ll be ready for all those extra visitors when summer arrives. Plus, you’ll get the added advantage of getting to show it off to a lot more people!

Spring decorating trends

What’s hot in spring bathroom remodels?

Take a look:

  • Make a style statement with wallpaper. Big, bold prints are in! Don’t be afraid to show some personality in your color and pattern choices.
  • Make a (back)splash with beadboard! A beadboard backsplash adds depth and texture to your bathroom. You don’t have to stick with plain white, either. Go ahead and choose a color that appeals to you!
  • Go green. Plants and flowers don’t have to stay outside. Bring some planters into the bathroom and enjoy the atmosphere the greenery creates inside.
  • Open up the shower. Open showers add a modern, upscale feel to your space. The other added advantage is that it makes the bathroom seem much more spacious.
  • Take a seat. Shower seats are all the rage these days. While they used to be primarily associated with the elderly or infirm, modern shower seats are growing in popularity. They can instantly upgrade your shower from mundane to luxurious.
  • Round it up. Bulky medicine cabinets are on the way out. Incorporate some large, round mirrors into your bathroom upgrade and see what a difference they can make in opening up the area.
  • Buy a bidet. Is there anything that screams luxury more than a bidet? Did you know that they’re much more than just a luxury item? It turns out they’re more sanitary than toilet paper and they don’t leave anywhere near the environmental impact all that paper does!

Remodeling your bathroom in the spring when your contractor is less busy and the weather is more cooperative makes sense.

Why not take advantage of that time of year that everyone’s ready for some newness and get your bathroom ready for summer visitors with a fresh spring redo?

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