When most people consider a bathroom remodel, materials are a big part of the decision. Though there are many material options out there, one of the more unusual ones is bamboo. When most people think of bamboo, they think of panda’s or deck furniture. Though bamboo is the main diet for a panda, and bamboo furniture is likely found in most neighborhoods, there are many other uses for this renewable grass, especially during a remodel. Bamboo is a green material, which often peaks the interest of those seeking out an eco-friendly option, and it is highly durable and beautiful. Learn more about bamboo, and how you can use it in your upcoming bathroom remodel, below:

Using Bamboo for Home Renovations

When thinking about bamboo in the home, you may think of bamboo flooring as many homeowners are choosing this material, and it is quite trendy. However, there are many other uses for bamboo in the home, especially in the bathroom as it is quite durable and water resistant. Given the fact that most of the vanities in bathrooms are made of fiberboard, solid bamboo helps to distinguish your bathroom from others.

Bamboo In the Bathroom

Bamboo vanities are a wonderful way to add this material to the bathroom and is perfect for bathrooms with a beachy, Asian or tropical theme. However, you should not let the natural color of bamboo become a limiting factor. Though bamboo is technically a grass, it can be painted like wood, so you can blend the vanity with your chosen color scheme. You can also stain the bamboo to resemble more expensive wood, such as ebony or teak. Of course, natural bamboo is also beautiful, so a clear coat works extremely well, too.

There are a few things you must consider when it comes to bamboo in the bathroom, however. For instance, the grain orientation is important when choosing a bathroom vanity. To make a bamboo vanity, manufacturers glue strips of material together, and these strips may have grain that goes horizontally or vertically.  The vertical grain is made by stacking the stalks of bamboo, and the horizontal grain is made by gluing the ends of the bamboo together. There is no difference when it comes to function and graining; it simply depends on the homeowners aesthetic preferences. You can talk to your contractor to get a sample of each type of graining to help you settle on a decision.

Though it is not necessary to make your entire bathroom made out of bamboo, it is common and trendy to purchase bamboo accessories such as toothbrush holders, shelving units, towel racks and flooring. This leads to a cohesive look for the bathroom.

Sinks and Vanity Tops for Bamboo Cabinets

The nice thing about bamboo vanities in the bathroom is that it is naturally a neutral enough shade that it can work with almost any color sink or vanity top. One popular option that looks good with bamboo styles is a vessel sink, especially when made of hammered metal or glass. These sinks stand out as an accent piece. Another option, if seeking out a traditional look, is a recessed sink made of porcelain. If you are really looking for a unique look in the bathroom is to get a sink made out of bamboo. Since it is resistant to water, it is a good material for sinks, and will give your bathroom a monochromatic look. You can also choose to install a bamboo vanity top, or go with something more traditional such as tiles or a granite or marble vanity top. If seeking out an eco-friendly option, consider stainless steel or recycled glass.

Tips For Choosing and Maintaining a Bamboo Vanity in the Bathroom

If you are ready to commit to bamboo in the bathroom, or looking for other eco-friendly bathroom renovation options, make sure you are doing your research and talking to people who have experience, such as your bathroom contractor. Here are a couple of tips to ensure that you are getting the best materials and options for your bathroom:

  • Choose bamboo cabinets that have little to no formaldehyde content in the glue that is used. Also make sure that the finishes contain no or low VOC finishes.
  • Talk to the supplier of your bamboo features to make sure that they are only made from mature bamboo stalks which have been harvested when they are strong enough to hold up to the wear and tear of a busy bathroom.
  • A pre-manufactured vanity is easy to install and is affordable, but you will be limited to the design and colors. If you want something different, you likely should choose a bamboo vanity that is custom-made.
  • Though bamboo is resistant to water, it doesn’t mean that you should allow water to pool in or on the bamboo for several hours. Simply dry the bamboo with a dry cloth to keep it clean and to look its best for years.

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