Remodeling your kitchen is an expensive affair. Experts predict the average cost of kitchen remodeling in Leesburg is around $13500. Similarly, more upscale kitchen remodel costs in Leesburg can even be upward of $50000.

Of course, much of your kitchen remodel budget will depend on the extent of the remodeling work that you want to carry out. Similarly, it will also depend on the quality and sophistication of the result that you expect.

However, don’t let the high costs deter you. Despite high kitchen remodeling costs, you should consider it as an investment. Why? The state of your kitchen directly relates to the resale value of your home.

The kitchen remodeling costs will definitely pay off in the end, whether it is in monetary value or the increased functionality.


Kitchen Remodel Cost Breakdown


The cost of kitchen remodeling in Leesburg will depend on the scale of the remodel. It’s the most important factor that you should consider while planning your kitchen remodel.

Let’s have a look at the probable budget of kitchen remodel according to different scopes.


Minor Kitchen Remodel Cost


minor kitchen remodel cost


A minor kitchen remodel is the most budget-friendly approach to give your kitchen a new look. At this scale, the cost of kitchen remodeling in Leesburg will be around $10,000 to $16000.

The low cost also means that your hands are tied to go for any major changes. Still, you can revamp the looks by replacing some of the dated elements like the countertop, hardware, or backsplash.

You can also cut some more dollars if you go for some budget kitchen remodel tips. For example, you can easily save $300 to $1000 if you go DIY with the painting job.

Similarly, you can also opt for a cheaper alternative for countertop and tiling material like butcher block and Formica. White subway tile could also help you save some extra dollars while giving your kitchen a fresh look.


Mid-Range Kitchen Remodel Cost


mid range cost of Kitchen Remodeling Leesburg


A mid-range kitchen remodeling project will cost you anywhere between $15000 to $30000. This budget allows you to be more flexible with the kitchen remodeling process. However, we recommend that you do not make a drastic change to the overall kitchen layout to save extra dollars.

Apart from that, an essential like a good-quality countertop is quite manageable within a midrange kitchen remodel budget. You can easily add quartz or granite for around $2000 to $5000, including the installation charges.

A kitchen island is not only an essential element of any modern kitchen, but it also gives the kitchen a premium and luxurious look. Within a mid-range kitchen remodel budget, you can afford a pleasant-looking kitchen island for a price range of $8000 to $15000.

When it comes to saving money, you can opt for refacing your existing cabinets instead of buying new ones. It alone could save you around $3000 to $8000.

Although the mid-range kitchen remodeling budget allows you to get some premium range hardware, our recommendation for homeowners is to look for more economical variants while selecting kitchen appliances.


Major Kitchen Remodel Cost


The cost of major kitchen remodeling in Leesburg can be well over $50000. It comes at the higher end of the kitchen remodel scale and could involve a full-blown revamp of the kitchen, including structural changes, new plumbing, and new electrical lines.

High-quality cabinets, countertops, exquisite flooring material are also all within the range of major kitchen remodel budget. You can spend it to your liking, but we recommend that you hire a kitchen remodeling contractor in Leesburg to ensure you’re making all the right decisions while remodeling your kitchen.


How to Budget For a Kitchen Remodel?


While planning a budget for kitchen remodeling in Leesburg, always keep in mind your priorities and your financial limitations. According to the experts, you can safely spend between 10% to 20% of the entire home’s value on your kitchen remodel.

When you have planned your budget, you should remember to spend it proportionally over the different elements of the kitchen. You should also always keep an extra 15% to 20% of the total budget for emergencies.


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