Home owners want to feel as comfortable inside of their homes as possible. They’ve always wanted to enjoy their homes, but now that home owners are reticent to sell their homes, they’re transforming the current homes they have into virtual restaurants, spas, and sanctuaries. In keeping with this trend, many are designing their bathrooms in the cottage style.

Cottage-styled homes speak of classic, elegant comfort. While not quite as rustic as a farm design plan, it does speak of creating a place to enjoy the simpler things in life. If you want to bring that comfortable, cozy cottage feeling to your bathroom, you can use the design touches below to create your own private spa in your bathroom.

Wainscot Walls Panels

Wainscot walls are a huge component inside of a cottage bathroom outfitted with drywall. Typically, the wainscot will be painted stark white although, you’re free to experiment with other types of light or neutral paint colors.

However, using white paint will pull in lots of natural sunlight, diffusing it throughout the room. And, the natural sunlight in the room will make you feel cheerful when you’re using the room to start your day, or when you’re enjoying a leisurely afternoon soak in the tub.

Porcelain Or Enameled Iron Sink Bowls

Hands down, you’ve got to install either porcelain or enameled iron sink bowls in a cottage bathroom. If you choose an exposed bowl, you can leave it white, or paint the outside of the bowl in a color that matches the color scheme of the bathroom.

Dresser Drawer Vanities (Closed Style)

A closed style dresser draw vanity look exactly like a small dresser you’d keep in your bedroom only, it will be outfitted to support a sink bowl, and plumbing pipes. The great thing about this type of vanity is that is can provide great support for granite countertops.

Dresser Drawer Shelving (Open Style)

Some love the country feel that they get when they use open shelving dresser drawers. This type of vanity can also support granite countertops, as long as a hole for the sink bowl is cut into the granite. You won’t have to worry about exposed pipes: The plumbing is installed inside of the walls, and will be hidden behind the material of your walls.

Wooden Rest Benches

If space allows, you can place a wooden rest bench inside of your cottage bathroom. You can either rest upon it while you’re using your vanity, or you can use it to feature accents such as plants, vases, books, or decorative towels.

Throw Rugs

Many love the look of comfort that throw rugs provide. And, throw rugs in the floor keep your bare feet from feeling cold and uncomfortable, since the bathroom won’t be outfitted with carpet.

Soaking Tubs

No cottage bathroom would be complete without a soaking tub. As a matter of fact, many home owners are removing their old shallow tubs, replacing them with deeper, shorter soaking tubs. Of course, a porcelain or an enameled iron tub is perfect for this sort of design plan. And, some appreciate a soaking tub outfitted with claw-feet.

Wicker Accents

Wicker accents go a long way towards creating a cozy, country cottage look in your bathroom. And, many people select wicker vanities. But, if you’re interested in using granite countertops in your bathroom, you’ll need to use solid wood in order to support the weight of granite. The good news is, you can also select an open shelving cabinet that allows you to you display wicker basket accents.

Black Or Brown Framed Mirrors

Modern cottage décor plans are implementing the use of black and brown framed mirrors. You can also paint the frames of your bathroom windows to add sophisticated pops of color, too.


Your choice of stand-alone shelving will depend upon how sophisticated or rustic you’d like your bathroom to look. If you want to move towards a modern, sophisticated look, then use dark colored shelving made out of solid materials. If you’d like to trend towards a more simplified, country look, then use stained or natural wooden shelving.

Hardwood Floors

Nothing says “cottage home” like the use of hardwood flooring planks. Here, you’ll have several choices of wood to select from. Of course, if you want to create a bright and cheery look in the bathroom, then select wooden plank such as pine, or oak. However, if you want to create a rich, noble look in the bathroom, then select plank such as mahogany, or cherry. Rosewood works well in the bathroom, also.

Tiled Floors

Mid-20th century cottage bathrooms were also commonly outfitted with tile. You can create a whimsical look when you use small black and white tiles. But, feel free to use larger, solid colored tiles, such as white subway tiles.

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