One of the latest trends in bathroom design is enlarging the bathroom, and when planning a bathroom remodel, most people focus on creating space. It is possible to create this space, and still keep your bathroom as a retreat. Renovating your bathroom will make the room more inviting, and when you create space and serenity in this room, it will help to raise your home’s value. Even if you don’t have a budget of tens of thousands of dollars, you can still turn your bathroom into a gorgeous retreat with the help of a contractor and the following ideas:

Use Light and Mirrors

Light is like a magic trick when it comes to creating the illusion of space in the bathroom, and nothing helps to enhance light quite like a mirror. By pairing these two elements, you can easily create more space. However, it is important that you remove lighting elements that take up too much space, such as large overhead lights. Replace these with wall sconces or recessed lighting. Mirrors can be used to create space by lining them up to reflect light off of each other. Mirrors that face each other easily achieve this, and you will marvel at the impression that these items can give in the bathroom.

Direct The View To The Ceiling

Another way to enlarge a bathroom is to use elements such as wallpaper, shower enclosures, and even tall plants to direct the view towards the ceiling. When people look up towards the ceiling, any space will look larger. One thing to do is add vertically striped wallpaper, as this will elongate the room. Another way to direct the view towards the ceiling is to add a skinny, tall shower door. A shower curtain with a vertical design may also help to direct the view towards the ceiling, and if you have room, adding tall, tropical plants can do the same. In addition, plants help the bathroom feel more inviting.

Keep The Space As Open As Possible

People often make the mistake of making a small room feel even smaller by blocking off sections of the room. Though this design technique works well with large rooms, it can be a mistake in a small one. One way to keep the room as open as you can is to forego a shower curtain, and instead install a clear shower door. To further open up the space, choose a shower curtain that is frameless, or remove the bathtub, and instead install an open shower stall.

Organize Your Room

It is also important to allow a room to breathe, and the only way to do this is to remove any tight spaces in the room. You can do this by making everything in the room visible, and allow all parts of the room to come into focus. It’s impossible to hide everything away, however, and there are some details that you can keep, such as the candles around the bathtub. However, decorating haphazardly can introduce too much clutter in the room. Consider adding a bath caddy, and fill cabinets and drawers with items to keep them off the countertop.

Clear The Floor

You certainly want to make sure that you are cleaning up after yourself in the bathroom, such as clearing towels and clothes off the floor. Not only does this make the room look neater, but it can also make the room look larger. You can also get rid of other elements of the room such as magazine racks, plungers around the toilet and bath mats. Removing these items opens up the space and helps to create a seemingly larger room. You also might want to consider installing flooring that creates the illusion of space. Lighter colored flooring will make a bathroom look larger than if dark flooring is installed. Additionally, diamond patterns tend to make the room look larger than other patterns, including a checkerboard pattern.

Add Niches

Finally, you might want to consider adding niches into the walls to create more space. This literally creates some space, and visually, these niches will help the room appear larger than it actually is. The shower is an ideal place to create a niche, but if you are simply remodeling instead of renovating, you may not want to cut into the tile or wall. It can be easier, in this case, to use the space above the toilet, which many people neglect, and cut into that drywall for a niche. Your contractor will know the right areas show you where a niche may look best.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can create space and serenity in your bathroom during a remodel or renovation. If space is a big concern, your contractor may have some other design ideas that can work wonders in this small room.

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