Whether or not you’re looking to completely remodel your kitchen, it is a room where you and your family are likely to spend a majority of the time. Therefore, you will want to keep it looking and functioning optimally. Current trends in kitchen decor are blending timeless elements, like neutral color palettes, granite countertops, and apron-front sinks, with cutting-edge kitchen technology and bold features. Keep reading to learn about some of the most recent trends to see what will work for your kitchen.

Right now, neutral color palettes are in style. And that is great news because it means greater flexibility in updating your accessories down the road. If you are planning on doing an entire remodel, you will want to select neutral colors for your major investments, like your cabinets and countertops. You could select a light or neutral color granite to go with natural wood cabinets. However, the classic white and black color palette is very trendy at the moment. The contrast between white and black creates a bold effect, which is a common trend in contemporary kitchen design this year. Therefore, if you are looking for a dramatic contrast, you might select white cabinets with black granite countertops. That being said, this neutral color combination is timeless. Even as trends may change, you will easily be able to change accent items that give your kitchen a different look and feel.

In addition to contrasting colors, a current trend in kitchen decor is to mix countertop materials. In particular, the combination of wood countertops with a natural stone countertop is in style. While wood has a great aesthetic appeal, it is highly porous and susceptible to staining and scratches. Therefore, if you choose to install wood countertops, it would be best in an area that will be less rigorously used, such as a bar or eating area. In areas that you will be using often, like food prep areas where hot pans or sharp knives might be used, it is wise to install a stone countertop that is more resilient, like granite. Granite is perhaps the most durable countertop material in its ability to withstand high temperatures, as well as resist stains and scratches. Therefore, granite countertops is a true investment in your kitchen and home. Better yet, you could stick with granite countertops, but create the effect of mixing by selecting different colors of granite. You might install a darker color on the center island, and then a lighter, contrasting color around the perimeter of the room.

Another timeless yet trendy element of kitchen decor is the apron-front cast iron sink. Perhaps this type of sink never really went out of style, but it is certainly among the trends for 2021. This type of sink is a practical choice because it is deep enough that you will find that you never get stuck again with a sink overflowing with dishes. It also can provide a visual centerpiece to your kitchen, but for that reason, it is best installed in a mid-size to large kitchen. Otherwise, it might seem excessive. It is available in a variety of neutral colors, which means that it is sure to match your decor, while sticking to the neutral color trend. However, you will want to decide early during your remodeling process that this is the type of sink that you are going to install, so that your countertops and cabinets can be fabricated to accommodate it.

Whether or not you are completely remodeling your kitchen, updating your faucets can greatly enhance your kitchen decor. And if you really want to be on the cutting-edge of kitchen decor, you can choose to install an automated faucet. This current trend will really bring your kitchen into the twenty-first century, but it of course has its practical aspects as well because it can help you maintain a cleaner kitchen and prevent the spread of bacteria.

Finally, it is not necessary to entirely remodel your kitchen to incorporate some of the current trends. You can easily add bold features by installing new light fixtures. You can create quite a dramatic appearance by selecting light fixtures that feature geometric shapes and are larger than might be expected of the space where they are to be installed.

As you can see, it is not necessary to completely redecorate your kitchen to incorporate the current trends. Simple fixes like changing your faucet and lighting can go a long way in modernizing your kitchen. However, if you are looking to do more of an overhaul, stick with timeless elements like wood or white cabinets, neutral colored granite countertops, and apron-front sinks. Even as trends continue to change over the years, you will be able to easily coordinate these stationary elements with updated accent items.

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