Where romance and drama collide, the possibility of creating a beautiful Victorian kitchen is born. The most liberating aspect of any kitchen renovation is the possibilities that it holds. You are never cornered into having to do things one way or another. The opportunities for themes, color palettes and accents are endless and completely up to you. From modern to rustic, your kitchen should speak to your personal styles and tastes.

If you’re someone who likes to make bold statements with interior design, a romantic and Victorian approach to your kitchen style could be the way to go. Complete with dramatic flair and elegant embellishments, this décor style is about taking what you have and giving it a sophisticated edge that always makes a statement.

Choosing a chandelier as the primary visual piece of kitchen décor

Victorian décor is not a style one chooses because they value subtlety. A room done up in Victorian style oozes romantic gestures and sometimes over-the-top embellishments to make each and every feature of a room a testament to elegance. When it comes to redoing the kitchen in this style, the rules stay exactly the same, which means nothing is off limits. In your romantic, Victorian kitchen, a chandelier should be the shining centerpiece of your décor. Generally hung above the kitchen island, your chandelier is going to set the tone for the rest of the design. From dripping in crystals to gold varnish, your kitchen chandelier can be everything you want it to be and more. If your wiring allows you to dim your kitchen lighting, all the better! Being able to change the lighting from standard to dramatic is going to greatly increase the overall effect as it works with your other elegant kitchen features.

Heavy drapes must be drawn in the kitchen

Perhaps once thought of as a living room only feature, heavy drapes are more than welcome in a romantic, Victorian style kitchen. Especially if you have French doors leading out to a patio or adjoining room, heavy velvet curtains gently drawn to the side with sophisticated catches in silver or gold are going to create a “royal” effect in your design scheme. The Victorian style tends to resonate a feeling of warmth wherever you go, and heavy drapery can lend assistance to this goal.

Add elegant pillows as a comfort piece

Comfort is of the utmost important in a romantic, Victorian kitchen. This means that you’re going to have to consider each and every guest and where they may land in the space. Consider adding heavily padded and luxurious cushions to kitchen chairs and even bar stools that sit at your kitchen island. This will create a feeling of comfort that signifies each of your guests is worthy of royal treatment in your culinary haven.

Beveled edges on granite countertops for design and flair

Nothing sets the tone for sophistication and elegance like beautiful granite countertops. If you’re considering styling up your kitchen in a Victorian theme, granite countertops are a must-have. The greatest benefit of adding granite countertops to this style of design is that you can go for bold colors without looking like it’s out of place. Because so much is going on in the room style-wise, a bold black granite countertop or even red can stand out as a balancing centerpiece in the kitchen. When it comes to choosing edging options, don’t go for anything less than dramatically beveled. All of those swirls and curves on the edging are going to add to the luxurious details that make your kitchen a purely Victorian experience.

Elegant edging on kitchen islands

It’s not just the granite countertops that add to the Victorian flair, but the kitchen island itself that can add to the overall impression. Choosing a heavy, stone base is appropriate in this type of décor scheme. Similarly, small and decorative columns can be added to the four corners of your island to give the impression of luxury and antiquity. Choosing a color for your island base that complements your granite countertops will only highlight the romantic tone you’ve set for the entire room!

Crystal ware as a primary feature or decorative item in a display cabinet

When you’ve decided to redo your kitchen as a Victorian wonderland, it’s time to bring out the crystal. Creating an interior design theme means taking all of the details into account, including silverware and flatware. Using crystal plates or fine china for dining is great, but using them as decorative additives in the meantime is even better! Cabinets that host glass doors are perfect in this setting as you can proudly display those shimmering crystal anytime they aren’t being used. Feel free to craft a decorative pyramid of crystal glasses to impress your guests and solidify the awe-inspired theme all the way around.

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