Too many homeowners get it in their minds that DIY remodels are the way to go. This misconception is fuelled by the high number of television shows that advocate for this sort of practice. But, what these shows fail to highlight are the general contractors who facilitate these on-air transformations. It is also essential that we recognize how DIY remodels almost always go awry. Indeed, homeowners enter into them with the best of intentions only to be disappointed. What follows is a brief overview of why DIY remodels, while nice in theory, are not worth the risk. Instead, you will need to consult a general contractor to carry out such a complex project.


One aspect of a remodel that homeowners are simply not equipped to deal with is scale. It is simple enough to pick out finishes that are pleasing to your eye. But, knowing how to create a layout that is proportional, through and through, is something that only general contractors can understand.

Scale comprises a number of different factors. One such factor is the dimensions of your finishes, relative to the dimensions of your space. If you have fourteen-foot ceilings, for example, you will want to plan for windows that are larger than average. If not, your chosen windows will look as though they are being swallowed up by the surrounding wall. Scaling really comes into play when you are introducing closets, as they need to accommodate your particular spectrum of clothes. General contractors have extensive experience with scaling a room, and its features, to perfection.

Anticipating the Unknown

Another area in which homeowners are ill-equipped to perform their own remodels is anticipating the unknown. Anytime you enter into a remodeling project, there are a host of things that might go amiss. Perhaps removing a wall will make your space structurally unsafe, and you did not adequately prepare for this possibility. Or, maybe you have decided to reconfigure the major elements in your bathroom. This means shifting your glass shower and vanity so that the former now sits where the latter once was. Even if a homeowner successfully manages this structural refiguring, without disaster, he or she will not have anticipated how the room’s electrical currents need to be changed as well. A general contractor is a professional who has been educated in an extensive range of features that pertain to the home. As such, he or she can adequately anticipate how shifting one element in your space might offset another. This sort of knowledge cannot be replicated by even the most intelligent homeowner.

Knowing What is Safe, and How to Remodel According to Code

One of the most common situations, in which a remodel is pursued, is in anticipation of resale. But, a remodel is absolutely without purpose or value if it is not done according to code. There are a complex number of building codes that you must abide by to pursue a remodel that is safe, and that will pass inspection when it comes time for resale. Code regulations cover everything from proper insulation and electrical work, to the appropriate rise and run of your stairs.

When homeowners decide to pursue their own remodels without the help of a general contractor they tend to only consider the sorts of finishes that they find pleasing to the eye. And, even when homeowners have a rudimentary sense of building codes and regulations, this understanding is always incomplete. Hiring a general contractor covers your bases, allowing you to remodel in such a way that will stand up to inspection.

Save Yourself Time

In our fast-paced culture, time is one of the most valuable commodities that we can acquire. When homeowners attempt to remodel their own homes, they have neither the knowledge nor the experience to do so in a timely fashion. In general, a remodel by a homeowner takes anywhere between three and five times longer than one carried out by a general contractor. More often than not, this extra time requires taking some time off of work as well. By allowing a general contractor to take care of your remodel, you open up time in your schedule to do the things you love the most. The lesson here is to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals.

In our culture, DIY projects have become incredibly popular. Much of the popularity, of these projects, stems from the mass of information available on interior remodels. But, DIY remodels have proven to not be worth the risk. When a homeowner pursues his or her own remodel, they have little concept of proper scaling and proportion. In addition, you would be hard-pressed to find a homeowner who has a good sense of how to remodel a room according to code. For this reason, it is crucial that you hire a general contractor when pursuing any major remodel.

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