While you may not be able to invest in a complete gut of your kitchen — tearing down walls and putting up new drywall or relocating major appliances and cabinets — you can revamp the look of the room by focusing on three critical kitchen components. This savvy approach will give the space a brand-new look.


Swap out your tired, old cabinetry for a fresh look. Here are some options to consider:

Order new doors and drawers. If the structure of the cabinets is in good shape but the doors and drawers have taken a beating, consider ordering new ones.

Give cabinetry a fresh look. Enhance worn wood cabinets by re-staining them. The job is a pretty big one, as it requires that you sand down the cabinets and then professionally paint or stain them. You can always hire a pro to help with this task.

Install new cabinets. This option requires the largest financial investment, but it will pay off for years to come. Replacing doors and painting cabinets are a temporary fix. The paint won’t last very long and it’s possible that the new drawers and doors won’t properly match the existing cabinet structure. In addition, with new cabinetry, you can opt for a different design, color scheme or pattern to give the kitchen a fresh look.

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