Are you ready to make your dream kitchen a reality? Here’s some tips to get you on your way:

Projects That Are Worth The Expense

As you dig in with planning your dream kitchen, it’s a great idea to start out with a wish-list. This will help you to place intention on all of the wonderful plans you’ve had for this room. But, keep in mind that like any wish-list, it’s not set in stone. There are some projects that you’ll be able to swing within your budget, and some you won’t. And, there are some projects that aren’t worth the expense you’ll pay for.

For example, it’s a great idea for you to pay for a second sink. Having a second sink in the kitchen will allow for efficiency and convenience while you’re cooking. Most home owners plan the second sink in the middle of a cooking/bar island.

The main sink can be used for washing dishes, and the second sink can be used for tasks such as rinsing produce, or even meat. You can also use it for making beverages, cooking, or for giving your hands a quick rinse. And, most secondary sinks include a retracting faucet. This allows you to easily direct water where it’s needed.

But, if you’re on a budget, don’t splurge for extras such as a wine refrigerator. Unless you’re planning on serving many bottles of wine per week, you’ll spend lots of money on the energy costs of a wine storage refrigerator. You’ll also want to stay away from finishing your cabinetry or your counters in any of the trendy finishes. You’ll ‘date’ the look of your kitchen, and this will make your home harder to sell, later on.

Ways You Can Get The Best Value For Your Cabinetry

Unless your heart and your budget is set on custom-ordered cabinetry, you’d do well to purchase yours from a big manufacture. For one thing, your cabinets will come with a factory warranty that’s usually good for up to 25 years. And, because the cabinets will be cut with computerized machinery, you can rest assured that the measurements will be precise, and exact.

Also, large cabinet manufactures bake on their glazing instead of allowing it to air-dry. This means that you’ll purchase a faultless product. You also won’t have to worry about issues such as bubbling, or warping. Some homeowners want the look of imperfect cabinetry, but if you’re going to shell out a nice chunk of money, you should make sure that you’re getting the best value for your purchase.

Also, since you’re designing your dream kitchen, think about pull-out shelving. Do you really enjoy the idea of bending down, getting on your knees, or hurting your back looking for those products in the depths and corners of your bottom shelves? You don’t have to deal with physical pain anymore when you look for pull out shelving that keeps your products organized, and brings them out to you!

Thinking About Your Countertops

Besides your sinks, fixtures and cabinetry, your countertops are on the list of the most important projects for your dream kitchen. You’ll need to ask yourself a couple of general questions:

1. What’s my countertop budget?

2. What type of material would I like to use within my budget?

You’ll have a wide array of choices, but if you’re planning a dream kitchen, you’ll probably gravitate towards the use of a material like granite. Granite countertops are one of the most popular choices of home owners, year after year. There’s several reasons why other trends have come and gone, and granite countertops are still be requested.

First, the material is natural. This is an attractive feature for many young and modern home owners. Second, it’s beautiful to look at. Placing granite inside of your kitchen immediately lets others know that you’re decorating a seriously sophisticated room. Third, it will immediately raise the value of your house. The kitchen is the room that can make or break a home purchase.

And, granite countertops provide many benefits. They usually come from the manufacturer sealed, and ready to use. Many home owners prepare meals directly on the surface. You can place hot and cold items on the surface, without worrying about marks. Your counters will be hard as a rock-because granite is cut from rock slabs that have been mined. And, all you’ll need to do to keep them clean is wipe them down with a soft, damp cloth.

Granite countertops can match any design plan or color scheme you have in mind for your kitchen. Are you looking for create a space that’s light and airy? Select light or neutral colored granite slabs. Are you looking to create a dark, sophisticated look? Then brown and black granite slabs are for you.

There are many other components you’ll need to consider to tie everything in your dream kitchen together. But with the right type of planning, your dream kitchen will soon become a reality

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