The holidays are a time to have fun with friends and family, so when it comes to your kitchen, it’s the opportune moment to get a little fancy. Sometimes the line between cheesy holiday décor and something really stunning is hard to identify. Often times, choosing a theme beforehand is helpful, rather than step back and not know what to make of your kitchen holiday décor creation.

If you’re aiming for something on the finer side this year, there are a lot of options for dressing up your kitchen. Colors like silver and gold tend to bring elegant to mind, and there are a variety of easy projects you can put together to give your kitchen a finer touch for this festive season.

Glittering garland

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably have a stash of extra garland lying around somewhere that you just aren’t sure what to do with. If your kitchen has an island, use that extra garland as a boarder outline and then give it a touch of glamour with a spray of silver glitter spray. Intermixed with twinkling lights, this simple addition can turn your kitchen into a shimmering, elegant masterpiece.

Take it up a notch with a table runner

Elegance in your kitchen holiday décor usually shows up in the details. If your kitchen is going to play host to a multitude of guests this holiday season, placing a lace or shimmery gold runner over your granite countertops is a great way to draw attention to your stunning surfaces, while also giving your kitchen a refined touch. Gold and lace look classy paired with nearly all other holiday décor pieces, and are a great, flexible choice for your seasonal selection.

Lift your eyes to the sky

An elegant Christmas kitchen doesn’t have to be limited to eye level accents. Draw eyes upwards by hanging a variety of transparent or glass ornaments from lighting fixtures to create the impression of shimmering snow. If you have time, adding gold glitter to the inside of the ornament will reflect off of lighting and shine even more brightly for family and friends!

Let lace make a statement

Some of the elegant features you’ll add to your kitchen have a holiday expiration date. If you’re looking to glam up your space, but want to make sure you can put things back as they were when the holidays are done, consider adding elegant lace wall stickers to various features in your kitchen. Wall stickers are easy to remove and won’t damage kitchen surfaces like cabinets or granite countertops. Try looping lace around your cabinets or even adding faux placemat lace stickers to your granite countertops for a slip-proof party experience with style!

Get ready for gold

One of the easiest accent pieces to create for Christmas is a gold, ribbon bow. Taking a variety of these bows and tying them around cabinet and door handles is a simple way to add a touch of elegance to even the smallest of kitchen details.

Let the ornaments shimmer

There are some ornate ornaments on the market, that are stunning, but sometimes even a little too much for the tree. If you’ve collected these beautiful works of art over time, but haven’t found the perfect place, your kitchen just might be the answer this year. Take a simple clear bowl and fill it up with shimmering ornaments of all sizes and colors. The final result will be a stunning mixture of sparkle that adds an undeniable something to your kitchen island Christmas centerpiece.

A little ice in the name of elegance

There’s something magical about sparkling icicles during the holidays and bringing them into your elegant kitchen décor isn’t out of the question. Clear icicle lights are available that would be an excellent addition to your cabinet border or even underneath a kitchen island rim. Wherever you put them, they’re sure to bring an icy glow to your festive décor scheme.

Light up the room in style

Making an elegant statement in your kitchen this holiday season might just mean going full on fancy. Nothing says style like candelabra, and luckily, there are plenty of stunning pieces to be found! Before you go out and break the bank on something silver though, try picking up a less expensive version at your local craft or home goods store and giving it a shimmering coat of silver spray paint. As a centerpiece item, this will be an incredibly beautiful frame for some of those holiday candles you’ve been wanting to show off. If you’re placing it on granite countertops, add an accent ribbon that matches one of the stunning colors found in the stone to really incorporate all aspects of beauty that are found in your home!

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