Are you dreaming of the luxurious life? Craving the perfect kitchen with an elegant touch? Creating a luxurious feel takes work, though. We know you’re short on time, so in this article we’ve pulled together the key elements of a high-end kitchen. From stainless steel appliances to special touches like under the counter wine fridges, we’ve got you covered. The elements listed here are the perfect inclusions in any luxury kitchen. Start here to make your fantasy a reality.

Cabinet Materials

One of the first places you should invest if you want a high end kitchen with a truly luxurious feel is in your cabinetry. Don’t opt for fiberboard options with laminate veneers. They’re not durable, and don’t look very high end. Even options that include a well-designed veneer aren’t the best. You can tell from the feel of a cabinet what its components are. Wood has a better hand feel – hence the premium. It’s also more durable.

If solid wood cabinetry isn’t in your budget, consider glass fronts. You can customize these with etched designs or colored glass, and the final result is very classy. Another new trend is skipping the doors altogether. Invest in high quality, solid wood shelving, and make it a part of the art in your kitchen. With the right plates, glasses, and storage containers, this can come off looking very posh.

Another way to make that luxurious feel come alive, add in a little eco-friendly touch to your kitchen. Look for upscale materials that are made from recycled goods. Upcycle old items and repurpose items from your old kitchen. You won’t believe how luxe these tiny touches can make your kitchen feel.


Choosing fixtures for a luxury kitchen is easy. Just don’t assume that the most expensive is the best. True luxury is the product of restraint mixed with class and style. Look for brushed metal finishes or stainless steel. Skip brassy and loud tones. Look for functionality, with flair. A faucet that turns on when you tap it, and a six burner stove with a cast iron range built in.

Focusing on quality will give you a truly high end feel than concentrating on looks alone. The flashiest designs aren’t usually the best.


Spend a fair bit of time investigating your options. In a luxury kitchen, the appliances are where the real fun takes place. Invest in a stainless steel range hood with great style, or a hidden hood. Make sure that the design runs silently and provides ample lighting for your range. The range itself should reflect your needs, and your dreams. Six burners and an indoor cast iron grill built into the range itself can be a great touch, too.

For ovens, consider dual convection ovens. You can also add uncommon features like an under the counter wine fridge, warming drawers for plates and bread, or even a garbage compactor. Don’t add items you won’t use, though. Remember that true luxury comes from having a space you enjoy working in that meets your needs.


Confused about flooring options? There are many to choose from. Some of our favorites include faux wood ceramic tiles, high quality slate, marble, tile, and water-protected hardwoods. Choose a material that matches your needs. If you often find yourself working barefoot in the kitchen, you might consider adding in a floor heating system.


Recessed lighting is a great feature in any luxury kitchen. If you prefer something more visible, try a custom designed fixture. If you want to keep the budget under control, look for a fixture that matches your kitchen’s overall style. If it blends in well, it works. Modern luxury kitchens are returning to large fixtures with shades made of metal, wicker, and other nontraditional materials – even recycled soda bottles are having their day in the sun.


One of the most important features in any luxury kitchen is a granite countertop. Granite allows a highly customizable look, with the right temperature for chocolate making and an excellent ability to resist stains. The color options are highly versatile, and granite is also difficult to scratch. Even if your budget is relatively limited, you can create a high end look using granite – consider granite tile instead of full slab cuts. The look is nearly identical when properly installed, and the quality is unbeatable.

When working with a limited budget, you might think that a luxury kitchen is out of reach. It’s not. Although some of the items on this list may not be in budget for you at the moment, if you start with the right foundation, you can gradually add more high end touches to your kitchen until it has the posh feel you crave. Begin with your countertops, flooring, and cabinets – these have the biggest impact on the overall feel of your space.

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