The current trend for bathrooms is creating a spa-like atmosphere. In part, this is due to busy schedules, and the fast-paced lives that American lead, and they are really looking for a place they can sit, relax, and truly enjoy some peace and quiet after a long day. When planning for a bathroom remodel, a spa-like space is a great idea. There are some essential elements you will want to add in order to create this relaxing, resort-like space, however.


Although candles are more of an accent piece, and not necessarily part of the remodel, finding a home for them can be difficult unless you plan ahead. While designing your new spa bathroom, make sure you add a shelf here and there that will serve as a pedestal for candles. You want to incorporate many different shapes and sizes, including pillar candles, tea lights, and votives. If you are concerned about fire and safety hazards, opt for battery-powered candles. They provide the same ambience without the use of fire.

If you have chosen areas that are not potentially hazardous and would like to use flame candles, choose aromatherapy scents. This would include lavender, rose, sandalwood, and vanilla, which are some of the most popular scents used in spas. If flames are still a concern, you could just add some essential oils to a diffuser or directly to your bath water to increase the relaxation that aromatherapy can provide.

Earth Tones & Natural Elements

When planning your spa bathroom, you want to include earth-inspired colors. Choose natural wood-tones, grays, greens, and browns. It is recommended, however, that you choose lighter versions of these colors. Dark tones can actually make a space feel uninviting, which is exactly the opposite of what you are trying to achieve with a spa-like bathroom.

Part of feeling like you are at a spa is being relaxed and getting in touch with nature is an excellent way to do this. Choose natural stone materials, such as granite, for your countertops, flooring, tub surround, and shower walls. Add a little depth to the bathroom with wood accents, such as for cabinetry, doors, and shelving. If you have chosen lighter colors throughout the rest of the bathroom, you could choose dark woods as an accent. Just make sure that the amount of wood does not overpower the lighter aspects of the bathroom.

You may also want to consider the color blue. This is not just any blue, however. Light or pastel blue, accompanied by pastel green can give you that relaxing sensation you are really looking for. When you are designing your bathroom think about a beach to gain inspiration for your color palette. Consider using glass tiles for the insides of your shower walls, or as a backsplash near your sink. Adding these natural colors – sky and grass – will enhance the spa-like feeling you experience every time you step into your bathroom.

Hardware Matters

Cabinetry hardware is essential in adding to the spa-like feeling. If you choose just ordinary knobs and drawer pulls this could take away from the luxuriousness of the space you are trying to create. Splurge on these elements. This is especially true with the sink faucets and showerheads as well. Choose a large rainfall shower head with elegant and intricate designs, and a sink faucet that is just as exquisite as the sink you have chosen.


As with any bathroom, you want to ensure that you have adequate amounts of storage space in your new spa-like bathroom. If you have ever been to a spa you know the luxurious feeling of a soft, fluffy, high-quality towel. You also know that these are displayed in unique ways for easy access to guests. A great way to display your towels is in a storage cabinet with open shelving units. Roll your towels and place one in each of the cubby holes of the cabinet. Creating this storage space can be easily done underneath the sink, or on the wall near the tub.


As was mentioned, bringing natural elements into the room can really add to the ambience of a spa-like bathroom. Much like brining candles into the room, the addition of plants is simple. You will need to plan for the necessary space in advance. If you are limited on space, choose smaller plants that will fit in glass jars or decorative vases. You can place them on the sink, the tub, or even the window sill. Plants of this nature tend not to take up much space and can be very versatile. A popular option is Asian bamboo or orchids, which are most often seen in spas.

When planning a spa-like bathroom, you want to keep a few key terms in mind. This includes whimsical, airy, light, bright, and natural. These terms will help you plan from start to finish each element of your spa-like bathroom. From candles and textiles to hardware and earth tones, every last aspect of this bathroom remodeling project will make a difference in how you feel when you walk into your new personal resort spa… or bathroom… whatever you prefer to call it now.

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