Sometimes the storage space and capabilities in a bathroom are overlooked by homeowners when shopping for or building a house. But once you move in and begin putting all your bathroom necessities away, you start to realize you need much more space than you have available. There are many storage solution improvements available to you, but one of the most economical and versatile solutions is a freestanding bathroom cabinet. You could install a new wall vanity or add built in the wall cabinets, but for a short term and useful storage solution a freestanding cabinet is an excellent choice.

A freestanding bathroom cabinet is just like the name implies – the cabinet is not attached to anything in the bathroom and provides a useful storage space for all your toiletries and linens. Because they are freestanding, the entire cabinet is finished to match your bathroom design as it changes. Freestanding cabinets come in many varieties, including drawer units, shelving units, and vanities.

The different varieties allow you to organize and store anything in the freestanding cabinet space. You can choose just one cabinet type to include in your bathroom or multiple to answer many storage needs. There are many benefits to using freestanding cabinets for your bathroom over wall affixed storage solutions.


Freestanding cabinets are more economical than the more permanent storage solutions for your bathroom. Since they do not have to be attached to a wall or other large storage solutions, such as a sink vanity, do not have to be removed to make room for a new storage solutions, they are very affordable. You can choose a cheaper, prefabricated particle board cabinet or go for a harder wood or specialized cabinet that adds a richness to your home. Either way, this options is more affordable than permanent storage solutions.


The versatility freestanding cabinets offer is incomparable to other bathroom storage solutions. Because freestanding cabinets are not affixed to the wall, you can move them around your bathroom at will to redesign the space. Also because they are finished on all four sides, they can be rearranged in any way you like. If your bathroom storage needs change, the freestanding cabinets will not go to waste. Even though you bought the freestanding cabinets for your bathroom, they can be used for virtually any room in the house.

The multiple varieties of freestanding cabinets also presents more versatile storage solutions that are not found with other cabinet options. For instance, you can choose a freestanding shelving unit with a door to store your towels and other personal items. However, you can also take the door off in the future to create an open shelf-section, allowing you to display elegant items and decor in your bathroom as your storage needs evolve. You can also move and adjust the shelves to present larger and smaller organization in your storage solution or combine different kinds of freestanding cabinets into one larger storage option.

Customized Solutions

Because you are saving money by choosing a freestanding cabinet storage solution, you have a lot of room to play with customization. Sometimes prefabricated cabinets do not quite fulfill your storage needs, but it is easy to alter the cabinets or even build your own to match your bathroom needs. You can combine a vanity, open shelf cabinets, shelving units, and a drawer option into one spectacular storage space. Instead of constructing them together, you can simply leave them pushed together so you can separate them out for different storage arrangements later.

Likewise, you can custom create the coloring and design of the freestanding cabinets to match your bathroom decor. Instead of simply choosing a type of wood, you can have them painted or patterned any color you like. You can even add stone or tile accents to the freestanding cabinet to elevate the richness of your bathroom another degree.

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