Whether you’re changing up your countertops for home resale value, or just implementing some changes you’ve always dreamed of having in your home, installing granite countertops is an incredible investment in your residence. From bathroom countertops to kitchen surfaces, granite countertops are the most durable option on the market, and remain impressively moisture resistant in the process of keeping up with your family and everyday life.

Beautiful, sleek and available in an essential rainbow of colors, granite countertops are an investment in your home’s future as well as your personal taste and style. It’s a practically limitless pool of options when it comes to choosing a granite countertop style and color that fits what you’ve always envisioned your countertops to look like. Similarly, when it comes time to sell your home, potential buyers won’t be able to help but notice the time and care that went into choosing quality home features.

Granite countertops are easy to clean and highly resistant to staining and etch marks. However, many homeowners make it a priority to care for granite countertops consistently and in a delicate fashion to ensure their longevity and vibrancy. While there are a number of granite-specific cleaning products on the market, it’s just as easy to go the green route and create a sustainable cleaning product all on your own!

As simple as soap and water

One of the greatest benefits of cleaning granite countertops is that it doesn’t take much to deal with major messes. All it takes it a simple wipe-down with a warm water and mild soap mix. Not only does this deal with spills, but it keeps your countertops conditioned while avoiding the use and disposal of harsh cleaning chemicals. It’s an easy way to stay green and still give your granite countertops the daily care they need to remain in tip-top shape.

Incorporating essential oils

While some homeowners go through bottles of surface conditioners to give their granite that perfect shine, there’s a path to keeping your granite countertops sparkling that doesn’t involve the wasteful disposal of tons of plastics. If you’re looking to buff your surfaces and keep them smelling divine as well, try reusing the same spray bottle you use for your water and soap mixture and adding in a few drops of essential oils. This will cut down on your product purchases and will give your granite just as much of a shine. If you’re looking to use something that adds a calming scent to your kitchen or bathroom, go with a few drops of lavender or orange essence.

The green appeal of microfiber

Sometimes going green with your cleaning habits isn’t only about switching out cleaning solutions, but taking a look at what product you clean with regularly as well. Instead of cleaning with paper towels that have a tendency to leave streaking or specks on granite and need to be thrown out immediately, invest in a microfiber cloth that can be cleaned out and reused time and again. Microfiber clothes are gentle on granite countertops and will help you avoid streaks that other products tend to leave behind. In addition, the microfiber cloths you use on your granite countertops can be used throughout your entire home, cutting down on disposable products that tend to add up quickly in your trashcan. This not only adds a green benefit to your cleaning habits, but will definitely leave your home in a more sparkling and pristine state than when you found it!

Add a little rubbing alcohol and kick your green clean up a notch

If you’re just not convinced that a simple soap and water solution is strong enough to do the trick on your particular granite countertops, there’s no harm in adding a dash of rubbing alcohol to the mixture. It’s just as safe as your soap and water solution and will work quickly to get rid of extra dirt and debris your countertops might collect. Rubbing alcohol is extremely effective without introducing those hard chemical products that can wreak havoc on your beautiful granite surfaces over time. What’s more, adding rubbing alcohol to your cleaning mixture makes for a great product that can be used throughout your home. It’s safe on items in nearly every room in your house, and will leave a very clean odor in its wake. If you’re not a fan of the rubbing alcohol smell, those essential oils can be a great counterpart to the solution, masking the ultra-clean scent with a soft, natural touch.

Keeping your granite countertops in great shape and maintaining a green cleaning routine is a simple as the solution you put together. If you’re looking for a healthy, efficient and sanitary way to care for your countertops, give the green route a try and watch the final effect as your granite countertops take on a brand new type of shine!

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