Whether you just bought your home or you have owned it the entire time you raised children, you can always find some way to improve the look of your kitchen. Although an entire room renovation can be intimidating, and require you to give up use of your appliances and other culinary features for the duration of the project, there are non-invasive ways to update the use and look of your kitchen.

If you are at a loss for where to start, then check out any number of online image galleries of kitchens designed for everyone from home improvement blogs to celebrity showcases. Your kitchen is the room you use most in the home. There is no reason why the kitchen should not be the best looking room in your home as well. Here are some easy tips for improving the look of your kitchen.

Add Cabinetry Accessories

Even if you have glass front doors on your cabinets, they can get cluttered rather quickly. Keep organized and maintain a tidy appearance when you update your cabinets with accessories like a spice shelf shaped to hold the tiny containers, a special storage area for flat baking sheets, or a designated section with a built-in wine rack where you can impress guests with your collection of reds and whites.

Replace Your Countertop

You could take a few minutes and oil your cutting boards to make them look better, but you can turn the perimeter of your kitchen into one large cutting board when you replace your existing counter with one made of solid granite stone. Granite is not only durable enough to handle chopping, slicing, and dicing but it is also easy to clean up afterward.

Add a Kitchen Island

If your budget will not allow you to replace your entire countertops, then consider adding a kitchen island. It will allow extra storage for cookware, table linens, or special holiday items with some extra countertop space. Top off the look with a pot rack that hangs from the ceiling and keeps all your best loved pans in handy reach.

You can also try a peninsula for your kitchen.

Add Lights for Specific Tasks

Nobody likes a dim kitchen. It hides dirt and makes it difficult to get culinary tasks done. Adding the right light can revolutionize the look of your kitchen. For example, a lamp with a swing arm will let you direct the glow of the bulb to wherever you need light at the time. If the area under your cabinets pose the problem, then consider under-cabinet lights to cast away the dark shadows under the sink and so forth.

Update Your Appliances

If you cannot get all new appliances that match, try to at least have them all follow the same color scheme. Your appliances should be updated any time they are not working properly, showing rust, or have otherwise outlived their usefulness. Ideally your home should have EnergyStar® appliances.

Invest in Safety Features

You never want to be in a position of needing a fire extinguisher and not having it on hand. If you are not sure what type to buy then you should ask your local fire department for advice on the subject. You want an extinguisher that can handle Class B incidents, which include flammable liquids such as oil and grease, or Class K situations like animal or vegetable oils, and fats found in some types of cooking appliances.

Paint the Town Red

You do not have to paint the whole town, just the kitchen. And it does not have to be red. If you want to add a dramatic splash of color such as ocean blue, golden harvest, or sunset red to a large kitchen then choose a bright color. If you want to add light to brighten up a small kitchen then paint it a light color such as pale yellow, café au lait, off white, or delicate sage.

This list is just the beginning. You could reface your kitchen cabinets or upgrade the hardware such as drawer pulls and door knobs to update the look of your entire kitchen without ripping out all the cabinetry and replacing it with new models. You could change out the liners on the shelves and in the drawers in the cabinets.

If you own a rental, then there are still things you can do to improve the look of your kitchen. Switch out your tired linens for new ones, like new curtains, towels, and a new rug on the floor in front of the sink. Swap out your light and electrical outlet switch plates for ones that complement the look of your kitchen, too. Before you know it you will feel like you had a whole renovation without the price.

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