There are many decisions to make when upgrading your kitchen design. Choosing your cabinet styles is one of the most important things you have to decide on. The cabinets can be the most eye-catching feature of your kitchen because of the visual space it occupies. One of the most important things to know when picking out your cabinets is the importance of sticking with the theme of your house. For example, if you have a classic home design, it is not recommended to install modern kitchen cabinets. This is radically different from how the rest of your home looks and it an unsettling aspect of your home theme. No matter what style your home or kitchen design is, it is important to choose the perfect cabinets that fit with that theme. Some popular kitchen cabinet styles that you can choose from include rustic, traditional, casual, and contemporary.


For a kitchen design that has a more rustic and homey feel, rustic cabinets are the way to go. The details in rustic cabinets give off a warm and natural feeling available in a wide variety of colors and shades to match your kitchen design. The best colors that work with rustic cabinets are wood earthy tones ranging from pine to a dark cherry. Be sure to settle on the right color for the rest of your design so there is a flow and consistency throughout your kitchen. Rustic cabinets are perfect for old country kitchens because the wood gives interesting character to your home. If you choose cabinets with more natural wood grain showing through, the better it fits that rustic theme.


Traditional cabinets never go out of style due to their historic and beautiful design and structure. The structure of a cabinet has a significant impact on the final appearance of the kitchen, therefore choosing the more basic traditional structure can root your kitchen design and shape the atmosphere you are trying to create. The great thing about traditional cabinets is the variety of options in the details available to you, especially in color options which can be basic wood to bright and bold shades, allowing you to shape the cabinets to your final aesthetic. To achieve traditional cabinets, keep the hardware simplistic and sleek with a basic door. This can be a flat wood panel or an engraved frame.


Casual cabinets help keep balance in your kitchen to promote relaxation and refinement. Often traditional and casual cabinet styles get confused, but the difference rests in choosing the details and design in line with your personal taste. Of course you should keep your casual cabinet elements simplistic and warm, but the specifics come down to your kitchen style and personal taste. With casual cabinets, you can get away with odd color choices like red, blue, green, or yellow as well as unique cabinet pulls, such as knobs and rotating handles.


Contemporary cabinets gives your kitchen a slick, clean look to make your kitchen pop. The sleekness gives off the appearance of more room and space in your kitchen with a striking design. Contemporary cabinet colors are usually black, white, and gray that helps provide a modern and sharp-looking decor aesthetic. It is possible to choose more earthy colors of brown and green and still pull off a contemporary cabinet design, but the blacks, whites, and grays help promote that sleek appearance the design is going for. With this type of kitchen and cabinets, upgrade your appliances to new, technologically advanced, and sleek pieces to help emphasize your contemporary look. You want to make everything almost shiny in your contemporary kitchen, down to the countertop finish and flooring type.

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