Many people look to their choice of clothing and their hairstyles as a way to display their personality. However, you should take another look at your kitchen, as it says a lot about you too. According to interior design experts, you kitchen can tell the world a few secrets about your personality. Furthermore, who you are as a person really helps plan the design for your kitchen remodel. Here are a few kitchen design styles that are based on your personality, which could help you choose the direction you take your remodel in.

Green & Blue Palette

Individuals who prefer a cool and relaxing environment should opt for blues and greens in their kitchen. You can choose a combination of blues and greens to create a backsplash, and even incorporate these colors into your granite countertops. This color palette shows that you are a person with a tranquil disposition, and your kitchen will reflect that. Your guests will feel comfortable and invited, wanting to spend time with you as you cook, or just to gather around the kitchen table engaging in conversation.

Colorful Ethnic-Inspired Palette

If you are inspired by your culture, particularly individuals with a Spanish background, you may want to opt for a colorful palette that showcases your heritage. Bright hues of yellow and teal accented with khaki is an excellent option to allow this side of your personality to shine through. You could opt for a teal and yellow backsplash with a khaki or light brown-colored granite countertop with white cabinetry to bring the room together. You and your guests will feel energized each time you walk into the kitchen.

Bold & Vibrant Palette

Individuals who are outgoing and creative tend to opt for bolder colors. This includes royal purple, red, gold, and a bright and vibrant shade of blue. If you are an outgoing person, this type of color palette will best display your personality. Choose royal purple dishtowels, gold pots and pans, red kitchen rugs, and a blue tiled backsplash. When it comes to selecting a granite countertop for this style of kitchen, choose one of the bold colors in the room that you have used as an accent, such as red.

Metallic & Chrome Finishes

The choices you make when it comes to appliances also tells a little bit about your personality. Individuals who opt for metallic or chrome finished appliances, faucets, and hardware are often confident and driven. These individuals strive for success, and enjoy entertaining. If this describes your personality, make sure to include some stainless steel appliances and bright metallic and chrome hardware into your kitchen remodel. Fortunately, this option will blend with any other kitchen design style, completing the overall design.

Black & White Palette

As you plan to remodel your kitchen you will be making many decisions, including the color of the floor, the cabinets and the granite countertop. If you find that you are leaning toward a black and white palette, it is likely that you are a confident and sophisticated individual. You can opt for a white and black checkered tile floor, white cabinetry and black granite countertops. To enhance the space, and add more of your personality to the room, add a gray tiled backsplash.

Animals & Patterns

If you are a nurturing person who thrives off of caring for others, and feeding your guests well, it is likely that you will opt for animal printed dishtowels, fruit-patterned wallpaper, or even floral cushioned dining chairs. In kitchens with this design, guests feel immediately welcomed and cheerful when walking into the room, which has a cozy feeling vibe. Fortunately, these patterns work well with just about any color scheme, but are most often seen with natural wood cabinetry and granite countertops, such as brown-toned.
Neutral & Minimal Design

People who thrive on creating to-do lists and accomplishing their goals quickly often opt for neutral palettes with minimal accessories. The minute guests step into a kitchen of this design, they can immediately know that you are an organized, neat, critically thinking individual who values efficiency and despises clutter. If this sounds like you, be sure to include streamlined appliances and a neutral palette. From the backsplash to the granite countertops, you should opt for shades of brown, gray, and white.

As you have discovered, your personality will automatically draw you to specific designs. You have now been given the information you need to help bring your personality and your kitchen remodeling project together. Take the time to figure out what kind of person you are, what you want your guests to know about you, and how you want your guests to feel when they walk into your home, specifically your kitchen. Planning everything in advance will help all the little details come together, and ensure your personality will be the highlight of your kitchen.

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