If you are considering remodeling your outdated kitchen, one of the must-have features you should include is an island. More than fifty percent of new or remodeled kitchens include a kitchen island for the many counter space, workspace, and storage benefits it provides. Here are some of the best reasons why a kitchen island will transform your kitchen remodel.

Island = Impact

When you are looking to make an impact with your kitchen makeover, installing an island is one of the best ways to achieve that. An island breaks up your kitchen space nicely without looking cluttered. With an island, you can provide a central location for everyone in the kitchen to gather without being in the way of food preparation.

Extra Storage

Choosing a kitchen island provides a lot of extra storage in your kitchen. Especially if one of your big complaints with your current kitchen is a lack of storage, an island can solve your irritation. A kitchen island can provide additional cabinets, drawers, shelves, and counter space for your kitchen items. An island creates that perfect extra storage space that won’t interfere with the workflow of the meal prep areas. In fact, it will add to it!

Additional Counter Space

In addition to storage, a kitchen island also provides more counter space for your to accomplish your meal prep tasks. Even if you think you may not need the extra counter space, once you have it, you won’t know how you ever lived without it! The extra space can be used for chopping and dicing, transferring completed meal items for the dining room or buffet style serving, or for simply storing extra utensils or appliances that are often stored in cabinets.

Islands Stand Out

If you are trying to keep your kitchen remodel basic, you may think you have to skip the island because matching the island countertop with the existing counters will be expensive and difficult to match. However, since islands are a kitchen focal point, their countertop can be changed to whatever countertop design that matches your overall design theme. Many people choose slate countertops since they are creating an additional workspace with their island, but any contrast to your current countertops will look great.

More Remodel Opportunities

Some people choose an island strictly for additional workspace and storage. Yet an island presents many more options and opportunities to transform your kitchen remodel project. You can use the island to expand your current kitchen and reshape its function. For instance, the kitchen island can allow you to move your stovetop to create additional oven space or install a new sink or dishwasher. There are endless options to completely restructure your kitchen with an island.

Provide Additional Seating

Some homes have separated dining and food prep areas. If this is the case with your home, there is usually not extra room to add another set of table and chairs to your kitchen. A kitchen island solves that seating dilemma. You can add barstools to the other side of the island to provide that seating. This is perfect to allow people to visit during meal prep times while remaining comfortable or for kids to do their homework and recount their day as you finish up dinner.

Big or Small, An Island Works

Whatever you are remodeling a small or large kitchen, an island is the perfect solution to solve any issues you have with your kitchen. A new island will instantly update your kitchen to match new home design. For small kitchens, the biggest benefit an island has is more space. The island will provide both cabinets and counters that you did not have before. This can be a challenge to find in a small kitchen, but not when it comes to an island. For large kitchens, the island provides opportunities to expand your kitchen with a new cooking area, prep sinks, refrigeration drawers, trash and recycling storage, and more. All in all, an island makes any sized kitchen more useful and highly functional.

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