In 2024, the kitchen isn’t just evolving; it’s revolutionizing, with kitchen wallpaper stepping up as the game-changer in crafting lively, inviting atmospheres. The panorama of kitchen wallpaper trends this year is as eclectic as it is eye-catching, ready to infuse your cooking space with unmatched personality, hues, and textures.

Embrace the new look of kitchens in 2024 with trending wallpapers: From artist collaborations to retro revivals, find your kitchen's perfect match.

Embrace the new look of kitchens in 2024 with trending wallpapers: From artist collaborations to retro revivals, find your kitchen’s perfect match. | MyDomaine

2024 Kitchen Wallpaper Trends You’ll Love

Artist-Designed Wallpapers

A noteworthy trend is the emergence of artist-designed wallpapers. Renowned artists like Paul Marrote, Aileen Fitzgerald, and Christiane Lemieux are transitioning their artworks into wallpaper designs. These patterns offer a fresh approach through repeats and varying print sizes, introducing art into kitchens in an entirely new medium.

wallpaper design trends in 2024

Artist-designed wallpaper by Rylee + Cru | @thecarvedtulip on Instagram

Floral and Botanical Prints

Floral prints, always a classic, are evolving. The latest designs boast vibrant colors and intricate patterns, transforming kitchens into supernatural gardens. Botanical designs, too, have gained momentum, moving away from minimalism to embrace nature-inspired colors and patterns. These designs are not just visually appealing but also aim to create a restful and soothing environment.

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Floral and botanical prints | Melanie Jade Design

Terrazzo Wallpaper

Terrazzo wallpaper introduces a balanced and decluttered look. Ideal for simple designs, it adds texture and color, making a statement without overwhelming the space. However, it’s best used in moderation, especially in already colorful kitchens.

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Terrazzo wallpaper | Behance


Faux textures represent a new wave in kitchen wallpapers, offering an illusion of diverse surfaces. From mimicking outdoor scenes to conjuring grandeur on a budget, these wallpapers are redefining kitchen aesthetics in 2024.

Textured wallpaper | Building This Nest

Textured wallpaper | Building This Nest

Natural Murals

Bringing the outdoors inside is a major theme, with natural landscape murals creating immersive environments. Forests, jungles, and mountain scenes on wallpaper murals add depth and a sense of escape, contributing to a serene kitchen atmosphere.

Natural mural wallpaper | Etsy

Natural mural wallpaper | Etsy

Back to the 70s

Retro designs are making a comeback, with Art Deco, Baroque, and large-scale geometric patterns in rich colors like orange, green, and yellow. These nostalgic designs add a unique charm to kitchens, proving that what’s old can be new again.

art deco kitchen wallpaper ideas

Art Deco wallpaper | Etsy

Muted Maximalism

A subtler form of maximalism is on the rise, featuring heavy, textural patterns in light, muted tones. This trend allows for detailed and interesting walls without overwhelming the senses, perfect for those seeking a balance between bold and soft.

Muted maximalism kitchen wallpaper | Timberlea

Muted maximalism kitchen wallpaper | Timberlea


Can kitchen wallpaper withstand heat and humidity?

Yes, many wallpapers are designed to be durable and can withstand kitchen environments, but always check the product specifications for heat and moisture resistance.

How do I choose the right wallpaper for my kitchen?

Consider the size of your kitchen, the amount of natural light, and your personal style. Opt for patterns and colors that complement your kitchen’s layout and color scheme.

Is it difficult to install or replace kitchen wallpaper?

With the right tools and some patience, installing wallpaper can be a manageable DIY project. Removing wallpaper, especially if done correctly, can also be straightforward.

kitchen wallpaper ideas for 2024

Better Homes and Gardens


As we wrap up, it’s clear that kitchen wallpaper in 2024 champions the art of individuality, offering an array of trends that speak to every preference. From the sophistication of artist-crafted designs to the cozy allure of retro aesthetics, there’s a style for every vision. Whether you aim to cultivate a tranquil, nature-infused oasis or a dynamic space bursting with patterns, this year’s selections unfold limitless opportunities to mold your kitchen into a distinct reflection of you.

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