You want to enjoy a good meal with a large group and not be robbed for it west of the Potomac? If you are near Leesburg, Virginia your best course of action lies with one of the unassuming yet exceptionally masterful Restaurants in Leesburg. Those are the places where you and your company, including kids, would have nothing less than a feast and never overstay your welcome yet still be able to walk out without feeling like you had a giant hole in your wallet the whole time.


Ladies and gentlemen, here are the five best family restaurants in this beautiful Virginian town:


La Estación in Leesburg Virginia


El Salvador is a tiny country with the most modest means in Central America and it doesn’t always make headlines beyond its borders with cheerful news. Yet if this proud nation had its fair share of international publicity, a handsome portion would have gone to discussing its food. Those who have been to the country, for instance, would testify to the sheer size of the options to choose from at almost any restaurant in San Salvador, its capital. Their incredibly flavorful meat, fish and vegetarian delicacies always invite further visits. And that is exactly why you will return to 525 East Market Street more than once. Onsite, La Estación will blow your mind at any meal of the day.


Trinity House Cafe


While in the area, though, you might want to check out another brilliant spot that is only a stone’s throw away: Trinity House Cafe. At 101 East Market Street, this is a non-profit outreach of the local Catholic community, serving a variety of food from snacks to salads, soups and baked goods as well as wine and beer. The absolute upside is that their prices are very moderate for the tastes they offer. Besides, the atmosphere here at THC, inside a cute, two-story house with a perfect backyard, is perfectly comforting. Every time, it feels like being served at your own place and you don’t have to do the dishes afterwards.


Taste of Lebanon


However, if you are not exactly in the mood of entertaining a conversation on faith in the meantime, nobody can blame you for skipping THC this one time and rather settling for Taste of Lebanon, which is even closer to La Estación. After all, the Middle Eastern cuisine is tempting enough, isn’t it?

The likeminded will find this hole-in-the-wall at 510 East Market Street to be a terrific place to dine. While you devour all the kabobs, shawarma and hummus, the separate booths for each table will make your visit pleasantly private for your group. And the best part is you will not even bother trying to remember how much you paid for all that comfort later.


Roots 657


This fourth restaurant isn’t exactly downtown but it is totally worth the 15 minute drive north. At 42301 Spinks Ferry Road, Roots 657 is a self-serve cafe with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating just off Route 15. It is where you will find great food and drinks with local and fresh ingredients from the surrounding farms. The prices are always reasonable and the atmosphere couldn’t be better for large groups, particularly for those with children. The little ones just love this place for it is spacious both in and outside.


Cowbell Kitchen


Crowning this list, nevertheless, will be none other than the heavenly Cowbell Kitchen at 116 East Market Street. Those of you who have been to the farmers’ markets in the region will remember them from their colorful stalls there but not many people know that they run this cozy bakery/cafe as well. It is a brick, two-story building where their chefs create gustatory miracles each day. Everything from sandwiches and rolls to quiche, egg frittata, and burgers are out of this world here. Plus, every item that they serve is of 100% local produce. Go discover it now; for there is no chance you will regret it!

Leesburg offers a diverse culinary scene that is sure to please any food lover’s palate. From farm-to-table eateries to international cuisine, the best restaurants in Leesburg provide a unique dining experience that showcases the region’s culinary excellence. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, make sure to add these top-rated restaurants to your must-visit list and experience the best that Leesburg has to offer. With a commitment to quality ingredients, innovative menus, and exceptional service, these restaurants are sure to satisfy even the most discerning foodie. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to embark on a gastronomic adventure and indulge in the best restaurants that Leesburg has to offer.

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