If you have been itching to remodel your bathroom this year but aren’t sure where to start, there is no better place than checking out some of the most popular trends. Modern bathrooms function less like out houses and more like beautiful extensions of your living space. From ideas for small bathrooms to creating a living forest, the trends for this year are both innovative and beautiful.

1)    Create a Living Bathroom

The moss bath mats that were popular a few years ago have come back with a vengeance. Now, you can create an entire wall out of natural materials. You can use indoor plants in a whole new way when you integrate them into the features of your bathroom.

Indoor plants do not need to remain potted in the corner of your room. You can actually create a vertical garden for your bathroom to create a natural and vibrant book that is great for the space and your health.

You can use moss or creeping plants to create a forest feeling in your bathroom. Not only do the plants breathe new life into your bathroom but they make an excellent alternative to a painted accent wall.

2)    Create an Open Plan Master Bathroom

Open plans have been popular in building and design for a few decades now. The open plan living room and kitchen has become standard in many new builds. Whether it’s a new single family home or a charming loft, the open plan is definitely here to stay.

This year, you might try integrating the open plan style into your master bathroom. This is a great way to make ensuite and master bathrooms feel bigger without sacrificing space in other areas. You can choose to install a statement stand-alone tub in the bathroom to help create the space feel modern. You might even purchase a beautiful custom vanity or trendy sink to make the room more appealing.

3)    Re-Tile Your Floor and Walls

If you have a small bathroom, you are probably hoping that a remodel will help it appear bigger than it is. One of the main ways that people create optical illusions in small bathrooms is by adding an accent wall. The accent wall is painted a different color to help the room feel bigger.

However, if you do not have a free wall to spare for this purpose, you can consider adding an accent floor. This trend is called a feature tile floor. This floor will make a statement in the bathroom, making it brighter and more colorful.

Using the floor as a canvas is a great way to maximize design in a small space. They are a great addition to small bathrooms and look beautiful in large bathrooms as well.

Geometric tiles are also a great way to make a bathroom look bigger and brighter. When you install them on your walls, you can create depth for your bathroom. This is a great alternative to using bright paint colors.

4)    Ditch the Tub for A Walk In Shower

Showers are getting bigger and bigger every year. If you want to create more space in the bathroom, ditch the combination bathtub and shower and instead install a bigger walk in shower.

To make it feel even bigger, skip the base and install glass panels that enclose the space instead. The glass won’t draw your lines away from the center of the bathroom like shower rods or shower bases do. This will make your shower, and your bathroom, feel more spacious than ever before.

You can even forget about the basic shower heads and instead opt for an eco-friendly and user-friendly feature. Try adding a shower head that gives you more distinct options for water flow and temperature.

Not only can you improve your shower experience but you may even be able to save water!

5)    Create a Bathroom that Reflects Your Home

If you have a well-designed home with a specific theme or style, why not integrate this into your bathroom? Recent trends have shown that homeowners want to turn their bathroom into a space that acts more like a functional extension of the living room or bedroom than a separate room cut off from the rest of your house.

This will leave your bathroom feeling less like a mass-produced space with little personality and more like a beautiful and useful part of your home. You can create a great design by adding a freestanding bath or by using features that are normally used in other areas of your home.

Modern bathrooms are moving away from being simple, functional rooms that are hidden away behind closed doors in the home. You can easily create a bathroom that functions as a beautiful part of your home simply by allowing it the benefit of the style you created in the rest of your home.

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