If you are planning a bathroom remodel, one of the things to look into is trends. Though some trends are quick moving and fall out of favor within a few months, other trends in the bathroom will last for years. These are the trends you want to look at when remodeling your bathroom and here are the most popular:

Mediterranean-Inspired Design

One of the newest trends around is a Mediterranean-inspired look. To make this look, designers recommend that homeowners incorporate a lot of tiles, including those that are inlayed into the walls. Other features of a Mediterranean-themed bathroom include bright, sunny colors, such as orange and yellow, and there should be some arched entryways. Turquoise accents are also often seen in a Mediterranean-style bathroom, as are terra-cotta accents. Usually, there is also heavy use of patterns and textures in a Mediterranean bathroom.

Add Heating Devices

Another trend that you might want to consider when it comes to your bathroom remodel is heat. Since the bathroom is used for bathing, when stepping out of the bath or shower, which is warmer than the surrounding environment, a person often gets a chill. However, technology now allows the floor and towel racks to be heated. Imagine stepping out of the shower to a warm floor or wrapping yourself in a warm towel. It is possible when you add these heating devices during a bathroom remodel.

Deluxe, Upgraded Showers

If you are thinking of a spa-like experience in the bathroom, you will certainly want to grab onto the upgraded shower trend. These days, contractors are adding deluxe showers to the bathrooms they remodel, and homeowners can take advantage of a number of new features. A steam shower is one option, for instance, and this really brings the feel of the spa right into a home. Another feature of an upgraded shower comes in the form of the showerhead. You can choose from dual showerheads, adjusting showerheads and even shower heads that aren’t showerheads at all. In this case, the water shoots from the walls, giving the feel of a full body massage. There are also showerheads that look like waterfalls, which is the ultimate luxury.

Bold Lighting

Any designer will tell you that lighting is essential in any bathroom remodel, and these days, people are making bold decisions. Large bulbs, chandeliers and even mixtures of different lighting styles are all becoming more popular in the bathroom. With these options, a homeowner can not only add lighting, but these fixtures can also bring a new ambiance to the bathroom.

Three-Dimensional Tile

People also have been adding three-dimensional tile when the upgrade the bathroom. This tile will really bring the wow-factor to your updated bathroom, and the structure of this tile can be expanded to bring other elements of the decor into it. For instance, choosing three-dimensional tiles in a chevron pattern is a good start to bring more chevron design into the bathroom.

Media and Music in the Bathroom

Most people realize that they spend a lot of time in the bathroom. In fact, when you add all of the time you spend in the bathroom each week, the average is about 4 hours. When you do things such as apply makeup, groom and dress, that adds even more time. Since you are spending so much time in the bathroom, adding music and media is a great idea. People are now adding televisions on the walls and music players in the shower. This makes the time go by more quickly and allows you to enjoy a more relaxing experience in the bathroom.

Classic, Traditional Whites

There are a lot of fancy things going on in bathroom design these days, but some people want to go back to basics. In fact, one of the most popular bathroom design trends these days is to choose a classic, traditional white theme. Metal, glass, and white fixtures all come together to bring a serene, clean and bright look to the bathroom. The feature that makes this trend really stand out, however, is a bold, bright flash of color, such as red towels or a cobalt blue rug. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Bathroom Storage

Finally, it has become quite trendy to add extra storage to the bathroom, especially for those who do not have a linen closet directly in the room. You can certainly find free-standing storage closets, but shelving is also making a statement in the world of bathroom design. Look for areas of the wall that are free, such as above the toilet or bathtub, and place the shelves there. Not only can these shelves hold things such as towels, but they are also perfect for extra soap, shampoo and other beauty products.

These are only some of the latest trends in bathroom design. If you are interested in any of these or want to know about other trends, reach out to a bathroom designer and contractor, today.

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