New Year’s resolutions can spark a feeling of re-invigoration. It can cause some to crave big changes.

Why not channel that energy into a new bathroom?

“The new year always brings fresh style trends for the home. It’s the perfect time for “out with the old, in with the new.”

Take a look at what’s on trend for the new year in materials, color, and plumbing.


The subway tile craze is on its way out and it’s being replaced by a whole host of other styles and options.

  • Geometric. Go for geometrically shaped tile that will give the bathroom a uniquely modern vibe.
  • Layout. Think mosaic, mural, or any other design that’s outside the box. Don’t be afraid to get a little funky with the patterns, though keep the colors muted.
  • Terracotta. Yes, terracotta tile is all the rage in the new year. Stick with a matte finish for the most up-to-date look.
  • Slate. 2017’s trends are full of natural materials and muted colors. It doesn’t get much more natural than slate! It fits the bill perfectly.
  • 3-Dimensional. Give your bathroom a little texture with 3-D tile. It’s a bold choice; stay monochromatic to keep from overwhelming your space.


2017 will see an influx of natural, organic materials in the bathroom.

  • Wood. Wood will be seen everywhere from flooring to walls and even tubs! It can also be used as an accent piece for people who want just a taste but aren’t ready to go all-out.
  • Plants. Live greenery in the bathroom is a way of bringing the outdoors in. Do the research to find out which plants grow best in a bathroom environment, but begonias, aloe vera, and bamboo are all good choices.
  • Glass. From all-glass shower doors to glass accent pieces, this time-tested material will be big for bathrooms this year.
  • Natural stone. In keeping with the natural, earthy feel that is going to prevalent in 2017, natural stone is an easy choice. It can be costly, but there are less expensive options that offer a “natural look” without the price tag of the actual thing.


Remember, it’s all about minimalism and simplicity, so it should come as no surprise that the on-trend colors are soft neutrals.

Here are some color guidelines to steer you in the right direction:

  • Stay matte. High-gloss is out. Stick with flat finishes for paint, tile, and accessories.
  • Nudes, neutrals, and grays. Soft tones are the way to go. Gray is going to be big so be prepared to have many options for materials and decor.


Bathtubs, sinks, and faucets are not only functional but big statement pieces in the bathroom.

Always remember to talk to a contractor before purchasing a big item like a sink or bathtub. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Bathtubs. The next big thing in bathtubs is shape. Go for one with an unusual shape — like square, egg-shaped, round, or even trapezoid — for the most cutting-edge look.
  • Sinks. Think sleek. Clean lines and wide trough sinks blend seamlessly with a natural, minimalistic new bathroom.
  • Faucets. Copper is out — gold and brass are in. Choose a matte or brushed finish to stick with the muted theme.

Whatever you decide to go with for your new bathroom, make sure it suits the personalities of the people who live there.

Don’t be afraid to pick and choose, mix and match, to create the space that you want.

The space needs to be functional first and foremost.

Our bathroom remodeling specialists are happy to help you make the important decisions and determine what will work in your space. Give us a call today!

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