Classic bathroom styles have their place, but there’s a new kid in town that’s gaining traction. Homeowners, make room for the modern bathroom design. The style elicits a simplistic feel and clean atmosphere. In general, the design evokes geometric shapes, such as an irregularly shaped sink or tub. No longer do you need to stick with the traditional, round sink. A modern style allows you to really drive creativity as you design the space. Here are some tips for creating a modern bathroom design:

  • Use straight lines. Choose a modern print to hang on one of the walls. Select a piece of furniture that has straight line, is square or comprises a geometric shape by nature. Keep this motif going with flooring, the shower stall and tub, sinks and fixtures. As opposed to a classic bathroom, modern design is not about curvy, flowing lines.
  • Employ natural colors. Give the room an organic feel by featuring neutral colors in the decorative items (just a few of them, remember) and think earth tones for cabinetry, wall color, flooring and other décor. When possible, use natural elements in the space, like a concrete counter, granite backsplash or shower tile and wood flooring.
  • Think geometric for shapes. It’s possible to bring these shapes into the bathroom with the use of paintings or mirrors, too. Design a backsplash that features geometric patterns, a savvy move that will add character and interest to the bathroom, without giving up the minimalist style that goes alongside a modern design.
  • Create a focal point. Consider using a modern chair, tucked away in the corner. If you have the space for it, try a small sofa. A row of mirrors above the vanity highlighted by a pair of interesting, whimsical sconces can also create a feature in the room that gets attention.
  • Keep it simple. The overall feel of the room should be uncluttered and open. Therefore, make sure you’ll have sufficient storage to tuck toothpaste and brushes away. Get rid of decorative items, especially if they don’t fit with the modern feel of the room.
  • Use the right tub. If you’re designing a full bathroom, make the tub a feature – but make sure it’s the right kind of tub. In modern bathrooms, a freestanding tub is a must, and this is one element that you can really go wild with the geometric shapes. Forego the more classic, traditional oval-shaped tub, and instead, go with a square tub with straight lines.
  • Go organic. Organic design goes hand in hand with a modern style, so add some green elements to the space. Greenery, either fake or live, creates a distinct connection with the outdoors, even though the space is indoors. Add a couple of plants, even small ones, in the bathroom to maintain an authentic modern design.
  • Don’t forget the lighting. A critical part of a modern bathroom’s design, lighting is where it’s at. With this element, keep the other design aspects in mind and choose fixtures with straight lines, geometric shapes and natural colors. Adding a skylight to the bathroom is a great way to get lots of natural light – another key aspect to the space’s lighting design.

Modern bathroom design may take you out of your comfort zone a bit, especially if you’re accustomed to the look and feel of a classic bathroom. However, modern style’s clean lines, simplicity and geometric nature make for a bright, inviting, natural space. Along with using natural elements, organic features and lots of natural and interesting lighting, you’ll quickly get used to your modern bathroom, and rave about it to friends and family.

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