Jason Ward


March 2021


Gainesville Va


Medallion Gold line


East-west marble: white fantasy


Jason and his family loved their neighborhood in Gainesville VA but felt that their cramped old kitchen wasn’t keeping up with their needs. This is when they chose us as their kitchen remodelers in Gainesville VA.

The kitchen remodeling involved a light-filled counter area, with a seating area for the family and additional storage under the countertop island. The countertop over the breakfast island helps to define the space while keeping it very much synched with the rest of the kitchen. This kitchen remodeling is not only loved by Jason and his family, but it has also received many compliments from his friends as well. This kitchen remodeling in Gainesville VA has won multiple appreciations by many.

To begin with, you need to work with a licensed contractor. As obvious as it might sound, up to 31% of homeowners work with an unlicensed contractor. It’s recommended that you work with a licensed remodeling contractor as they will follow all the guidelines and you are assured of a certain level of quality from their work. To help with the decision-making process, you can ask them some questions as well:

✔️ How long have they been working in the remodeling industry?
✔️ How many projects have they completed in the past 18 months?
✔️ Have they worked on a project of similar scope?
✔️ How long will the remodeling process take?
✔️ Do they provide a warranty?

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