If you are a homeowner who is considering a quartz countertop in the kitchen or bathroom, you will quickly find out that there are a number of brands available from most suppliers including Zodiaq, Cambria, Silestone and Caesarstone. There are not many major differences between the brands, but it is well worth your time to learn more about quartz countertops and what these differences are.

A Basic Overview of Quartz

Quartz countertops are engineered, which means they are not a slab of rock, such as granite and marble. Instead, it is made of ground quartz, resin and pigments that are mixed together, and then formed into a slab. Since this material is manmade, it has features that homeowners love, including the fact that it is nonporous and resistant to dents, scratches, acids and abrasions. The environmental impact of quartz is low, thanks to its abundance, and the finished product is nontoxic, and it will last a lifetime.

One of the main benefits of engineered quartz is that it does not require ongoing maintenance, such as sealing. Quartz is also consistent when it comes to color and patterns. This helps to bring a uniform look that natural stone cannot provide, and you know the sample you see will be the same as the countertop that is installed. You will also find that quartz countertops have no health concerns, they are not radioactive, and they are not installed with any dangerous chemicals. Quartz countertops are also available in many colors and finishes.

Quartz countertops are easy to care for, and only require routine cleaning with a paper towel or damp, soft cloth. Mild, non-bleach cleansers may also be used, as long as they are non-abrasive. It is important to clean up spills quickly, and though the material will resist staining, acidic foods and beverages, such as vinegar, wine, soda, lemon, and tea can damage the material. If there are stubborn spills, a non-abrasive cleaning pad and cleanser can be used, such as Formula 409 or Soft Scrub.

Quartz is resistant to scratches and heat, but they are not indestructible, so it is recommended that you always use a cutting board when cutting food and use a pad or trivet for hot pots and pans.

Zodiaq Quartz

One of the familiar brands that people often recognize when it comes to engineered quartz is Zodiaq. This is the quartz brand from DuPont, and it is made with 93 percent quartz. This product is very durable, impervious to water, bacteria and moisture, and the company says their product is double the strength of granite. Zodiaq quartz is easy to maintain, and it resists spills. It will also retain its luster for decades without needing waxes or sealants. Zodiaq countertops are also cut and fit to meet the exact dimensions of your kitchen. Zodiaq by DuPont comes with a ten-year warranty, it is an affordable option, and they have a line of eco-friendly quartz countertops, called Terra, which is made with recycled glass.

Cambria Quartz

Cambria is another brand of engineered quartz, and is considered a high-end brand. This brand is known for its performance and quality, and though it may be more expensive than other brands, the materials and longevity of Cambria is well worth the investment. Another reason people like Cambria countertops is because the quartz the brand uses to manufacture the products are largely mined in North America, and each countertop is made in the United States. Cambria also has a commitment to sustainability, and it recycles water, materials and waste whenever possible. The material is covered by a limited lifetime warranty, and is certified as a food safe preparation surface, which means it can be used in a commercial kitchen.

Silestone Quartz

Silestone quartz is manufactured in Spain, and it offers the same benefits that the other engineered quartz brands offer. Silestone offers three different lines of quartz products, each with their own feel and texture. These countertops also offer a built-in product that makes the material resistant to bacteria, mildew, and mold. Silestone comes with a limited warranty for 15 years on the countertop material and a 10-year warranty on the antimicrobial features. Silestone is available in more than 60 colors, and three finishes, which are polished, matte, called Suede finished, and extra-rugged, called Volcano finished.

Caesarstone Quartz

Caesarstone is a fairly new brand to the engineered quartz industry, and though it is not a naturally known brand, it is quickly gaining a following. Caesarstone is made of 93 percent ground quartz and 7 percent resin and color. Caesarstone is available in more than 40 colors and 9 finishes. Each color fits into one of three collections, Classico, Motivo and Concetto. The Classico collection is filled with classic colors and designs. The Motivo collection is patterned quartz, and the Concetto collection features semi-precious stones throughout the slab.

These are only four of the many brands of quartz, but these are the most common. For more information on these brands, look at the information on the brand’s website, or speak to a quartz countertop professional.

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