Your kitchen is the focal point of your home and it should be the room that stands out the most, but that doesn’t mean it should be over-the-top. When you have a lot of stuff in your kitchen, the room becomes suffocating and it is more difficult to clean and upkeep. A minimalist kitchen provides a basic and calming atmosphere for one of the busiest places in the home. This type of kitchen design allows you to move freely through your kitchen without constantly running into furniture or utensils that don’t really need to be there. If you hate clutter and having to clean your kitchen all the time, then a minimalist kitchen is right for you for the following reasons.

All About Simplicity

A minimalist kitchen design is all about simplicity. The first way to achieve that is have solid colors and hard floors to give off a clean look. If possible, you also want to have plenty windows to promote a natural light. Natural light will brighten your kitchen to make a bigger impact on your minimalist design, further highlighting the simplicity and stress-free design. At night, your light fixtures should provide enough brightness to easily see what you are doing, but they should not take up a lot of space in your kitchen.

With the solid colors, hard floors, and perfect lighting, this type of kitchen makes it feel as if there is more space. You can move easily throughout the kitchen without having anything in your way. Also, your kitchen won’t appear to have a never ending mess all the time. You can feel comfortable in the space without the clutter instead of stressing about how messy your kitchen feels.

Function Over Fluff

Instead of trying to fill your whole kitchen with stuff that you might not even use, a minimalist kitchen forces you to choose items that provide function over fluff. Many people feel they need a lot of stuff to fill their kitchen with to make it look richer. Yet sometimes putting too much stuff cheapens your kitchen appearance which is the opposite effect homeowners want.

With a minimalist kitchen, only the important items remain. While you might use that panini maker once in awhile, it should be stored and out of the way to make room for the essentials. Stick with basic utensils and meal prep items on the counters. The goal is to be in a kitchen where you can easily fix a meal without having to move unnecessary items out of your way. Reduce clutter and store or get rid of items you don’t need to open the space up and make it easier to work in. That is the point of a minimalist kitchen design.

Keep Quality in Mind

Cheapness does not work with a minimalist design. To reap the benefits of this design, the materials you choose for your kitchen should be high quality. This doesn’t mean they will or should break the bank, but don’t choose the cheapest floors, countertops, cabinets, and more. Higher quality items promote longevity and simplicity that goes in line with a minimalist design. Also, when you decide on higher quality items, you will not be spending more than usual on your kitchen design. Since minimalism means getting rid of items that have little function, you will be saving money on buying extra “fluff” items for your kitchen design.

Benefits of Minimalist Kitchen

With the simplicity, functional items, and high quality materials, there are many benefits to a minimalist kitchen design. When you choose the simple design without clutter, you will experience less stress about cleaning, organizing, and using your kitchen space. Without the clutter, the kitchen becomes much easier to clean and manage. There are large empty spaces and clean countertops to promote order and tranquility. Some people fear that a minimalist kitchen is too stark without any personalization, but that is not the case. While minimalist design stands for a lack of clutter, you can still add a couple of impact decorations that highlight your overall theme. But choose wisely and don’t give into temptation to throw a lot of décor or furniture in your kitchen space. Clean simplicity is key!

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