One of the most fun (and daunting) parts of renovating your home is choosing colors.

Changing your mind in a year isn’t ideal, so you want to get it right the first time.

If you’re looking into changing up your kitchen, bathroom, or another room of your home in 2021, here’s some help.

Let’s look at the hottest colors for 2021 by major brands, as well as some advice about where these shades will work best in your home.

1. Benjamin Moore: Metropolitan AF-690

This neutral shade is best described as a stylish gray with cool undertones.

The color lends a feeling of calmness to any room.

It works best on living room walls in combination with some warm colors to give it balance.

This gray would also be a hit in a sleek kitchen and adds a dreamy and sophisticated vibe to a bedroom.

2. Clark+Kensington: Stainless Steel 37B-4

If you have a space that needs some brightening up, Stainless Steel may be the right choice.

It’s similar to periwinkle and would look nice when paired with charcoals or oranges, for a trendy pop.

The best places to use this shade is in the living room, the bedroom, or as an accent in the kitchen or bathroom.

3. Behr: Blueprint S470-5

The vice-president of color and creative services at Behr describes Blueprint as “Warmer than denim, but softer than navy.”

This blue shade can have a surprisingly calming effect in the kitchen, the bathroom, or as an accent wall in a bedroom.

It’s also a good color for painting a coffee table or bench to be a statement piece.

4. PPG Diamond: Night Watch PPG1145-7

Night Watch will have you thinking of a lush green forest.

This deep green hue brings a touch of nature into your home.

It’s best suited for a dining room or bedroom and is especially nice for areas that don’t have a view of the outdoors.

5. Valspar: Orange Slice 2002-1B

The word that comes to mind when you see this vibrant orange hue is zesty.

It’s a fun color to experiment with, especially when it’s mixed-and-matched with colors like pale yellow, minty green or a neutral gray.

Use this color in your guest bedroom or home office.

6. HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams: Reflecting Pool HGSW2324

This soft, calming green-blue color can also be fun and energizing when it’s combined with bold, vivid colors.

Pair it with natural hues to keep it soothing.

The big plus with this shade is that It’s versatile enough to be used in any space in your home.

7. Sherwin-Williams: Cavern Clay SW7701

When you think of terra-cotta, you think warmth, right?

That’s just what Cavern Clay brings to the table.

Use it in the kitchen or the dining room and pair it with bright tiles, warm stone hues, and some greenery.

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Decisions, decesions.

What color should you choose for your refreshed space?

It’s always a good idea to consult a professional when you’re doing any home renovation or remodeling.

Work with an expert who can also provide you with the advice of a design expert.

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