Most homeowners work with an architect to begin their kitchen addition plans.

However, working with remodelers first before architects is usually the most productive and cost-effective first step. This is due to the fact that you need to first plan the layout of the kitchen before deciding on the placement of doors, the size of windows, or even the size of the addition itself.

Why Remodelers first before Architects?

Getting an initial consultation through VKAB will cost you less money. Your cabinet order will be increased by the amount of each extra design deposit. When you come to us, the cost of developing a preliminary design is reasonable. It is a waste of money to hire an architect to design an addition to your home before beginning work on the kitchen. As soon as you have a consultation with your kitchen designer, any plans that you have already developed with your architect will require revision.

Prior to collaborating with an architect on the exterior, you should design the interior of a kitchen extension. The final architectural blueprints will only cost you once, and you will receive a better-designed kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of your home, yet your architect, general contractor, and kitchen designer all want you to have an attractive outside. In a newly constructed area, the kitchen design layout should be considered first and should not be an afterthought.

Not every kitchen design firm has the expertise to play this part in organizing your kitchen extension. We at Virginia Kitchen and Bath prefer to see our clients as soon as possible. Giving you the greatest kitchen possible could become challenging and more expensive if earlier work has been completed and plans have been put into motion.

So begin by arranging your kitchen extension with those who are knowledgeable about kitchens. You’ll get a nicer kitchen and you’ll save time and money. Always remember that, remodelers first before architects!

Wishing you success with all of your remodeling endeavors.

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