If you’re like most people, you probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen. It’s the place where family gathers, kids do their homework, and great meals and conversation are to be had. It’s the room where you entertain guests, host holiday parties and prepare great meals for your family. If your kitchen is small or large, it’s generally the place that attracts a crowd. As a result, upgrading the entire kitchen usually provides a great return on investment.

But what if you don’t have the budget for a complete kitchen overhaul? Nor the time? The project will inconvenience your family, disrupt your schedule and cost lots of money. If your countertops are tired and old, giving them a facelift makes a big impact in the room at a fraction of the cost. In addition, the majority of the visual impact in the kitchen is attributed to the counters. Swap out dingy, dirty countertops and your kitchen will appear as though you invested a ton of money into upgrading it.

The cover up

The problem with counters is that once they start to get dingy, scratched and worn, there’s really no cheap fix. They simply must be replaced. Sure, you can try painting laminate countertops, but it won’t last very long. Painted counters chip easily and the look is anything but elegant and sophisticated. In a year or so, you’ll find yourself facing an even bigger problem: Cheap, painted countertops that look even worse that the original ones.

You have another option, however: covering them up. You can purchase decorative cutting boards and place them at key locations where the wear and tear is really bad. Use other decorative items to try to cover up problem areas; however, eventually, you’ll need to simply replace the counters.

The best solution

For a minimal cost compared to remodeling the entire kitchen, replacing your kitchen countertops will instantly upgrade the look of your kitchen. Choose a natural granite counter to bring a luxurious and elegant feel to the space, without spending a fortune to swap out cabinets, flooring and fixtures. With a minimal investment relative to the project, choose new counters that will seamlessly coordinate with the existing cabinetry. Select a granite counter color that effuses the existing design of the kitchen, complementing elements like the flooring and appliances.

Go the extra mile

Taking on a few other minor projects in the kitchen can also help to give the tired space new life. Replacing the cabinet hardware will forever change the game. Often, quality cabinets stay in great condition, but the pulls and knobs become outdated. Compared to the expense of swapping out all the cabinets, investing in new hardware involves minimal expense. Choose hardware that complements your new granite counters. There should be some of the hardware color in the veining of the granite to pull the look together.

Another low-cost step you can take, swapping out décor will highlight the new countertops. Remove the existing décor and add greenery to breathe a calm, fresh look into the space. Try potted herbs in colorful pots or weave a natural theme into the space by using wood planters.

You can dramatically change the look of your kitchen with a few simple swaps. Start by removing tired, old counters and replacing them with interesting, elegant granite counters. Then, consider changing out hardware; just be sure it complements the granite (as well as the cabinets and flooring). Then, invest a few dollars in new décor to pull the look of the room together.

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