Most homeowners remodel their bathroom in order to update it to current style trends, which helps to freshen up the space. Whether you are working on your master bathroom or guest bathroom, you want the remodel to make a big impact on your home. One way to do this is with an amazing shower door. Even though a simple and elegant shower curtain will help keep water off the floor, shower doors add elegant appeal while providing a water-tight seal. While most people think big expense when it comes to shower doors, there are surprisingly a wide variety of sizes and styles that will fit any budget. Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing shower doors for your bathroom to make a big impact on style and function.

Types of Shower Doors

You will first need to decide what type of shower door you are interested in. Here you will learn a little bit about the various types that are available on the market today.

  • Bypass Shower Doors – Bypass shower doors are more commonly referred to as sliding shower doors. They utilize the least amount of space over any shower door type, as they use two or three panels that slide past one another. They are secured in place with a top and bottom track. The standard opening is approximately 60 inches wide, and are most commonly used in bathtub showers, corner stand-alone showers, and alcove showers.
  • Round Shower Doors – Round shower doors open in toward the shower and are most often used for stand-alone showers that are in the corner. They are secured in place by a frame on the top and bottom. The advantage to a round shower door is the curved glass, which allows more space to move about the interior of the shower.
  • Neo-Angle Shower Doors – A neo-angle shower door is perfect for a corner shower, and take up very little space in the bathroom.
  • Pivot Shower Doors – A pivot shower door is one door that opens and closes out into the bathroom. They are most often 36 inches wide, but can be up to 48 inches wide. Because the door opens out into the bathroom, these tend to take up a little more space than other types.

Measurements are Important

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to choosing a shower door is the measurement. You will need to figure out how much space you have in the bathroom. You want to be able to open the shower door without hitting anything in the room, especially granite countertops on your vanity. Although you can measure the area needed for shower doors, it is recommended that you have a professional bath installer measure for you. This will ensure that no mistakes are made, and you get the right shower doors the first time.

Frame Design

You will next need to make a decision about the type of frame you want for your shower doors. In this instance, you can choose from framed shower doors and frameless shower doors. A framed shower door contains a glass panel secured inside composite or aluminum material. You can add a little pizazz to your bathroom by choosing a material that complements the color palette of your bathroom. It is recommended that you consider the hardware colors and even the specks and flecks of color in your granite countertop to ensure your shower door frame does not clash with the space. The other option – frameless shower doors – are just that. They have no frame. They come in a variety of different thicknesses and help to create a more open feeling in the bathroom. Frameless shower doors are especially beneficial in smaller bathrooms.

Additional Considerations

You will also need to make decisions about the style of glass, such as clear or frosted, as well as the thickness of glass you wish to have. In addition, you can opt to have accessories or special features added to your shower doors. This includes a towel bar, the style of door handles, and barrier-free shower doors. Most of these decisions are based upon your style preference, as well as the space you have to work with.

As you have discovered, there are many factors that go into finding the perfect shower door. You have to decide on a style, a finish, type of glass, and accessories. If you are unsure about which type to choose, we recommend visiting a showroom and talking with a salesperson about your thoughts, preferences, and concerns with the different types of shower doors. Finding the right shower door for your space can make a big impact on your bathroom and be the deciding factor on how you feel each time you walk into your newly designed master or guest bathroom.

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