It’s quite easy to make small bathroom remodeling mistakes. Not only are you working with limited space, but it is also a fairly technical one. From major plumbing fixtures to moisture management, there are plenty of opportunities for you to slip up.

However, all’s not lost. With the right plan and tips, you can avoid several bathroom remodel mistakes. For instance, you have to begin by understanding that your bathroom remodel has unique requirements. Not only do you have to take care of technical aspects, but you also have to look at the design.

By following these tips, it will be easy for you to avoid small bathroom remodeling mistakes and create the bathroom of your dreams.


Overlooking The Exhaust Fan


Remember to include a suitably sized bathroom exhaust fan, which is sometimes ignored. Humidity becomes trapped in the confined space if sufficient ventilation is not provided. 

This wet climate encourages mold and mildew growth and the deterioration of paint, grout, and metal. Whether you currently have a fan or plan to install one as part of your renovation, ensure that the vent is free of construction dust and debris before turning on the fan in your newly renovated space.


Not Having A Clear Plan

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It’s all about the preparation! Make a bathroom design that takes into consideration accurate measurements. Similarly, you also need the estimated cost, all supplies, and a design idea. Trust us; you do not want to figure this out after you’ve started tearing down the bathroom. For instance, you can make a strategy for any family members or professionals who will assist you with the renovation.


Improper Layout


It’s a significant concern if your bathroom remodeling plan prioritizes appearance over functionality. Put off the decoration for now and concentrate on the plan and spacing. 

If you’re tearing down walls and shifting plumbing fittings, ensure that the new bathroom layout is right. For instance, it has to comply with building requirements for minimum spacing guidelines. Similarly, you have to ensure that the fixtures and furnishings are placed to allow for comfortable everyday use.

Similarly, opt for a glass shower. While a textured glass shower door provides some seclusion, a transparent glass shower door integrates the shower into the rest of the bathroom rather than isolating it like a curtain or half wall might. Consider replacing a tub with a standing shower, and choose a shower with glass sidewalls and a clear glass door if your remodeling ideas permit it.


Picking the Wrong Material


Bathrooms are subjected to a lot of pressure, from high moisture levels to rapid temperature changes. Choose materials explicitly made for the bathroom to avoid warped or mildewed flooring, walls, or vanities. 

When you’re spending a lot of money to remodel your bathroom, you want to make sure that your wallpaper can withstand high humidity and also that your wood vanity will last. This is another major small bathroom remodeling mistake to consider. 


Unrealistic Budget Plan


Be open and honest about your financial situation. Commit to what you can afford if you just have a small amount of resources to work with. 

If you spend too much money, you’ll have to cut corners somewhere and be unhappy with the outcome. Extra costs will inevitably come up, so allocate 15 to 20% for unexpected expenses to be on the safe side. 


Reconsider Storage

storage small bathroom remodeling mistakes

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There’ll never be enough space in the bathroom for everything you want to keep, so begin by reducing the amount of stuff you keep there. For instance, you can store extra towels, cleaning supplies, extra toilet paper, and tissue boxes in an adjacent hall or bedroom closet.

Next, take a look at your bathroom counters. In small bathrooms, limited counter space is often an issue. Frequently, you’re stuck with nowhere to put your curling iron. Choosing a bespoke countertop is one inventive way to gain space. 

A good option here is choosing the right bathroom vanity. You will most likely place the vanity adjacent to the toilet, extending a small countertop ledge along the back wall of the toilet. This otherwise unused space is ideal for storing tissues or a variety of cleaning supplies.


Not Emphasizing The Height

small bathroom height

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Raising the bathroom ceiling visually expands the space, and it’s not a difficult illusion to pull off. For starters, you should replace massive crown molding with thinner crown molding painted to match the ceiling, as heavy, dark crown molding would overwhelm a small room. 

You should also think about the lighting in the room. A dangling ceiling fixture highlights a room’s diminutive size, so replace it with recessed lighting for a cleaner effect. 

Do you require any other materials during your bathroom remodel? The distinction between the wall and the ceiling is blurred by wall sconces that direct light upward, almost as if the ceiling has retreated.


Overlooking Small Glitches


Small flaws in a new tile installation or a gap in a bathroom vanity may appear insignificant at first. Still, even the tiniest small bathroom remodeling mistakes will become eyesores in the long run. 

As your renovation develops, make sure to correct any errors you find, no matter how minor. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can overlook shoddy work; if you notice it now, you’ll notice it every time you utilize the area. 


Going Easy Towards The End


In the beginning, any remodeling is thrilling, but hard work and long shifts cause most individuals to lose momentum. You can burn out if you’re so eager to see the finished room that you start rushing. 

Instead, start steadily and then slow down, in the end, to ensure everything is completed correctly. Patience pays out in spades. In conclusion, look out for these common small bathroom remodeling mistakes to avoid any major mishaps while remodeling your dream bathroom. 


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