Technology continues to grow by leaps and bounds.

It’s only recently that technology has started to have a greater impact on life in the kitchen.

There are some great new ways that technology and kitchen appliances are merging to make life easier.

Whether you’re in the market for a total kitchen remodel or you just want to make some upgrades, you’ll want to check out what’s new for tech in the kitchen.

Stoves and ovens

Several innovative cooking appliances have been recently introduced. You may like them so much you decide to build-in an island just for your new stove or to install some snazzy new countertops!

  • Samsung Wi-Fi Slide-In Range with Dual DoorThis is a gas range that comes with an oven divider, converting the one large oven to two smaller ovens. The Wi-Fi component allows you to adjust the cooking temperature from a smartphone app.
  • Dacor’s Discovery iQ Dual-Fuel Range. With an Android tablet control panel, this range also has an app that lets you control it from anywhere with an internet connection. This option will cost you a pretty penny, however!


Have you ever thought about communicating with your fridge?

That’s a thing, now!

Take a look at these advanced refrigerators:

  • Jenn-Air Refrigerator. If you have kids, at some point you’ve probably walked into the kitchen to find the door to your refrigerator wide open. This Jenn-Air refrigerator sends out an alert, letting you know if the door has been open too long. You can also control the temperature from anywhere.

Smaller appliances

The latest trend is to have one wall with built-in shelving in order to have all your appliances in one spot. This can include larger appliances but also provides spaces for the smaller ones, like toaster ovens and coffee makers. Ask your contractor how this could work for your new tech-savvy kitchen.

Here are some of the latest technologies in small kitchen appliances:

  • June Intelligent Oven. When you put your food into this toaster oven, it automatically senses what you’ve put in and sets the temperature and cooking time. The only thing you have to do is set how done you’d like the food to be.  
  • Palate Home Smart Grill. This is a countertop grill that does all the guesswork for you. All you have to do is put the meat on it and walk away. You’ll get an alert on your smartphone when it’s done. The coolest part? It will never burn or overcook your food. It’s not just for meat, either. It can be used for vegetables, seafood, and a whole range of other foods.
  • Belkin Crock Pot WeMo Slow Cooker. It seems that almost everything in your kitchen can be controlled from your smartphone these days and this crock pot is no different. You can control the temperature or turn it off or on from anywhere with a WiFi connection.

Any of these appliances would make a great addition to your kitchen and would make your life a little bit (or maybe a lot!) easier.

Talk to your contractor about how these changes can be worked into your kitchen design.

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