There are certain features in your home that you use daily without ever giving a second thought. These features exist as conveniences in our lives that are so commonplace, we hardly notice them anymore. Bathroom sinks tend to fall into this category. They are so normal to utilize in our daily lives that we forget how important they are thought we depend on them regularly.

When it comes to interior design, it’s items like these that are easily bypassed that make for the most creative outlets in home décor. Your bathroom sink is something that is going to be seen and used every day, so why not make a creative statement by investing in its aesthetic appeal as an important feature in your home?

Bathrooms are small enough spaces that you don’t have to worry that taking a design risk will hinder your overall home atmosphere in any way. This means you’re free to take chances and possibly create an unforgettable and personalized piece within your house! Bathroom sinks offer up more possibilities than one may initially think fathomable. Following the same guidelines you would use for any home feature that has to stand up under the wear of moisture, bathroom sinks have the potential to be durable, elegant and creative all rolled into one great final and efficient product.

Give your bathroom sink and your home the gift of granite

It’s easy to think of granite as a countertop only option, but there’s no rule written that says it can’t be a bathroom sink feature too! When properly sealed and maintained, granite is an extremely durable, top-of-the-line stone surface that will not only last for years to come, but look beautiful doing it. Because your bathroom sink takes up a small amount of space, you have the option of spending less on granite in this type of environment and doing even more with it.

For example, a granite countertop that surrounds a full granite bathroom sink is going to create a super-chic design element in your bathroom, while also creating a very durable home feature. Sealed granite acts as a moisture resistant barrier, making it an ideal option for a bathroom sink. Similarly, it’s easy to clean with a simple soap and water mix, so residue that builds up with daily use in your bathroom can simply be wiped away and put out of mind.

Go with a wall only option for extra storage space

Optimizing the space in any home bathroom is an exercise in creative layout. The design of your bathroom sink can play a major part in gaining precious space. If the dimensions of your bathroom seem to run on the small side, consider installing a wall mounted sink. Eliminating the base feature of the sink opens up space underneath for extra storage. Additionally, wall mounted sinks give your bathroom a modern look that nearly screams innovation. Paired with sleek, stainless steel spouts, a wall mounted bathroom sink will give your interior bathroom décor a serious edge.

Bathroom sinks as artistic design

Your bathroom sink logically needs to be functional. If it’s not a space that works towards the goal of efficient hygiene and water supply, it’s not doing its job. But functionality doesn’t eliminate the possibility of true artistic design. In fact, your bathroom sink can make an extremely strong statement as a piece of art in and of itself if you’re willing to invest the creative hours.

Granite countertops are a great place to start when it comes to designing a unique bathroom sink with an earthy edge. Sourced with all of those unique and vibrant colors and swirls of hues in place, granite countertops paired with a granite bathroom sink will give the impression of a warm, natural scene right within your bathroom. Placing decorative rocks in or around your sink will complete the creative picture and give your bathroom sink a unique design edge.

Incorporating elements of the outdoor world into your bathroom sink design is a great way to make a statement and incorporate a little green into your décor. Rocks, stones or colorful pebbles can work as great accent pieces in your sink and won’t be affected by water or soap products that are run over them daily. Similarly, you won’t have to worry about them damaging your granite as a well-sealed surface is greatly protected against scratching and etching marks.

Next time you stop by your bathroom sink, make sure to give design a second thought and perhaps your sink…a chance. It’s an amazing opportunity to get your creativity flowing without fearing any décor repercussions. Switch it up and mix it up to make a statement in a place your home wouldn’t generally feature. When the compliments begin to roll in, you’ll be glad you did!

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