When you get into the mood to redo your kitchen, most homeowners would agree there is very little that can stop you. The ideas start coming and they don’t stop. It’s exciting to ponder all of the possibilities that come along with renovation, and once you begin envisioning new features, it’s hard to back out on what you know could be a fantastic decor move.

However, before you jump into a large kitchen design project blind, make sure you take a little time to set out a plan. Understanding the basics of what you are going on is going to keep you on track logistically and financially in the long run. Similarly, understanding the basic layout of your design scheme will keep you from purchasing too many items that put form above function. If you can get focused enough to build on the basics, the rest will come easily!

Consider flooring options

Before you begin tearing out appliances and painting, it’s important to look right beneath your own feet. Considering your flooring options early on is a must when it comes to the basics of kitchen interior design. Not only does your flooring need to be able to withstand the daily wear and tear of life and home traffic—it needs to be something that fits into your larger design template. Whether you decide to go with bold tile, chic and colorful laminate or gorgeous granite, the floor you choose is a staple of the kitchen you are creating and deserves some time and effort.

Consider complimentary countertops

Once you’ve got the flooring issue under control, it’s time to move onto countertops. If it’s longevity and durability you’re looking for, than granite countertops are the way to go. Granite as a stone comes naturally infused with a variety of colors and undertones. This means that it is a flexible surfacing when you’re looking to match primary features with various color palettes and décor items. When properly sealed and maintained, granite countertops are the epitome of durability as they work to resist stains and chipping with ease. They retain their luster for years on end and bring an earthy touch into any interior décor theme you can imagine creating in your home.

Consider creative cabinets

The third primary feature of any kitchen interior design project is going to be cabinets. Kitchens are built for creating, but also for storing—so if you can find a way to get creative with your cabinets, it’s all the better for your interior atmosphere! For example, try painting your kitchen cabinets in a distressed, lighter tone to create a rustic feel. Similarly, choosing a lighter color for cabinets will make light undertones in your granite countertops stand out as a visual balance focal point, and really pop. Don’t forget to consider fun options like adding colorful ceramic knobs and handles that can easily be switched out or moved around as you change your interior design themes.

Accents and colors are important too!

Once you have the basics established, you’ll be free to add in the trinkets, accent items and side colors that will give your kitchen a unique edge that fits your personal taste and style. Keeping the foundation of your kitchen décor layout solid means you’ll have more room to play with smaller details more often. Quality flooring, countertops and cabinets become durable frames for items that you want to highlight visually in your home.

Don’t forget that sometimes, it’s not about adding an entirely new arrangement of décor items, but simply changing up lighting schemes to give your kitchen new life. Foundational kitchen elements like flooring and granite countertops are made for functionality, but are also items that play well with color alterations. Changing lighting options in your kitchen from dim to bright or vice versa can bring out colors in your flooring and or granite you may not have even known existed initially. Take some time to play around with different types of lighting fixtures or bulbs to see what works best with the design template you’re aiming for.

No matter what direction your taste and style for kitchen décor leans, learning the basics of kitchen design set up can save you time, money and stress when it’s all said and done. Don’t let the massive number of options overwhelm you when you’re just starting on your project. Lay out the foundational elements first, and everything else will come in time. It’s important to remember that the beauty of interior design is that it can always be redone. So let your creativity fly and keep it coming well into the future. With the right pieces firmly in place, there isn’t anything stopping you from turning your new kitchen into a completely unique culinary oasis.

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